Very Important: Unsupported download and install of Software from other places.

>> Important Information <<

If users still ignore our forum rules and post again portal`s by name and url`s, the thread will be closed, postings deleted and user/s banned.
This is not a support forum for provider/portal related issues! Pleas follow the forum rules.

Thank you for your understanding.
  • We highly recommend not to download and install Firmware from other places (like posted from some Users here on forum and deleted, because not discussed first with us) for your Boxes, except from OTA. There are quite a differences in the code base between EU Models, Russian Models and others.

    • If you install this Software you could brick your Box and lose instantly the warranty! No Support from us or Formuler in this case!
    • In case of unsupported roll backs to lower Version Nb. of Software and something happens (brick or no boot) you can lose the warranty! No Support from us or Formuler in this case!
    • In case of no boot after faulty install of Channel List, there is recovery tool and instruction on board. This issue was fixed with 1.5.0 and optimised with 1.5.2 Update.

    In all other cases:

    • If your Box can not boot normally after AC Power OFF/ON (specific issue could be temporarily fixed by AC Power OFF/ON) or want start at all. With Update 1.5.2 is this problem with no boot issue solved.

    In this case you can use your warranty and please contact your dealer or distributor for repair or change.

    Thank you for your understanding