Flashin Problem

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  • Question to Sokar and Sam: one is saying: press right side button before plugin AC, aother: after pluging AC. To me non is working. Is there any other mettod to flash F4 Turbo or should I send it back? :?: X(

  • When you plugin your formatted Fat32 USB Stick and Image into Formuler (Note: not all sticks work well, smaller and older will be better recognised) then AC Power on, if now the USB Stick recognised and the Image on it, then you will see message on Display and need now to press the Button on right side.
    In most cases is the problem not recognised USB Stick!

    Alternative you can rename the file in Image (noforce to force) and let the box install automatically, then you don`t need press any buttons. Please be careful with this method, if you not pull out the Stick after successful Install and first reboot the Install process starts again.

    Read also the instruction -> Anleitung: F4T Update mit USB-Stick

    Info: If the USB Stick are many times not recognised, format with long and not quick method.