Much Customer have Problem with last Update Box is BLOCKED

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  • Hello formuler Team,

    i have here much Problems with sold devices, all my customer would send the receiver back to me because the devices is blocked after Update (show attachment) we have here try the solution from here Formuler Z Prime Blocked but nothing The Android logo is displayed with animation but not go forward, i have wait 8 Hours and nothing has happened, please we need urgently a solution from Formuler how we can Install Image from USB or other Solution.

  • Very same issue happening with many of my providers' customers. All formuler have done is pulled the OTA update, but have offered no solution whatsoever to fix those boxes stuck in this loop. I have tried numerous thing to get the one I have going here again,but nothing has worked. Its so frustrating.

  • Issue is already known in Korea, the Engineers are working on it now. I think, someone from them will contact you here in this thread and give the solution.

  • its ridiculous to think they would release an OTA that wipes out so many boxes like this. I cant see how another OTA update will be able to sort this messout either. Its going to need to be done via USB which is not going to be ideal for many.

  • <p>Ich habe dass selbe Problem ,dass der Formuler blockiert ist seid 2Tage auf diese BILD mit</p>

    <p>&nbsp;installing Sistem Update und komme nicht weiter ??</p>

    <p>Kann mir jemand helfen ?&nbsp;</p>

  • Quote

    I have the same problem that the Formuler is blocked 2 days on this IMAGE with

    Installing System Update and I'm stuck Can someone help me?

    I think this is the translation of what @Muckamica is asking, there are quite a number of us waiting and hoping for a fix now!

  • My last info was, that repair manual will be released to dealers today and this would not be so difficult for them to do. I`m waiting for more info.

  • I can confirm that the fix does indeed work. There is a video tutorial which needs to be followed with full instructions on what to do. Whole process took less than 5 mins and no data was lost during the process, which is good news.

    EDIT: Ive removed the file now as I dont want inexperienced people going at their boxes and possibly doing more damage.

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  • it works great, all devices work now :) thx to Formuler Team!!!

    Well in fairness, had Formuler included a reset button on the board in the first place then there would be no need for anyone to have to open up their boxes, a simple software patch via USB could have been released within hours of this problem and no one would have had to endure the grief we have over the last few days. This episode has damaged formuler, make no mistake about it. And let be clear, they still haven't officially released this fix yet. It was sent out to a handful of dealers this evening, while normal users are still left waiting on a fix.

  • @john62
    The repair manual is only for dealers and should not be done from Customers. Customers should send the Box to the dealers for repair.

  • @john62
    The repair manual is only for dealers and should not be done from Customers. Customers should send the Box to the dealers for repair.

    Well thats bad form, are formuler going to cover the cost of customers having to send their boxes back to get repaired and then for their suppliers to send them out again. Formuler messed up here yet again and are treating their customers badly. As has been said already, who the hell makes a mox without a reset button. I had high hopes about Formuler when they started to release these boxes, now I am losing faith in them quickly.

    Im currently using the S Mini and the lack of a consistent epg on the FTA channels on 28E is really frustrating, getting the epg data is relatively easy to do, especially with loads of addons available across enigma 2 and on android, surely they can incorporate a simple addon to solve the epg issues.

    With the greatest respect to yourself Sam, you are only giving us the information which they are feeding you. I was given this software fix with no instruction that it was for dealers only. Had they had included a simple reset button on the board, then they could have saved themselves a whole heap of problems.

  • Oh and further more, who the hell sends out a major software update over the holiday period. I have so far fixed 20+ boxes for people, if I was to wait for the dealer to open then it would be 2nd Jan before I could send them back, with next day delivery he would have them on the 3rd, I would assume he'd have that amount for 3-5 days before sending them back, that would bring us up to at least 10th January, so do you think thats acceptable, from 26th Dec to nearly mid January?

  • What to say, we are all not happy with this situation but i would never suggest the Customers they should open box and try to repair by them self, formuler also not. The risk is to high.
    I agree with no updates over holidays and missing reset button and think this is something where we can only learn for future.

  • well if everyone learns something from it thats good, digger is spot on ,without something over the whole xmas and into new year and you cant even get replacement at this time. hopefully will never happen again.

  • SAM

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