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  • Is it possible to cache the guide when the connection to the provider is done? The guide is very slow and takes a while to load up, page by page instead of the whole guide at once. Is this possible? If not, PLEASE fix it in the future! It's a pain!

  • its been a month with this box and this isnt fixed yet!! i would expect a lot more from formuler team. we have a buzztv stb upstairs and the guide is really quick on the same service. right now my wife prefers it and keeps asking me to put the buzztv in the living room also. is there any way we can expedite this request? i really dont want to fork out money on another buzztv stb when i have a perfectly good formuler!!


    - shi_thead

  • If i write on each post that this issue is known and forwarded, i will only lose time and the people open next new thread with same question. There are so many issues has to be done, that this all need much time to be optimised and Bugfixed. Nothing can change this and the roadmap the engineers have to go, this of course step by step. Some issues can be solved very quick and others need Months.
    I want at end also prefect running Boxes but for some issues they need much more time. Formuler checks all reported Bugs but even Bug Reporting takes much time, text, test and reproduce, collecting all of needed infos, make screenshots and videos for the engineers. If you believe or not, we have already 64 user requests to add into the fw or MOL, lol and not to forget the Bugs. Belive me, i and some others are already pushing each day but the Tech,. are also humans and work 5 days per week.

  • This is my first Formuler so I'm really new to this whole thing. But I'm wondering if past versions of the Formuler products have the same problem with the guide or do they download the whole guide when you start the app. Just wondering since I've never used any of the previous models.

  • From what I understand, the EPG loading issues have been around on these set top boxes for over a year or more!! In my opinion, I don't think this will be fixed anytime soon. If it was a priority, it would have been fixed a year ago :)

  • as for the guide loading slow this sucks but is an issue I can handle the issue I hate is the time is a way off in my guide and no matter what I'm told to try it never gets better and if I hit info it shows the wrong show info do you experience this also?