Nothing but problems...

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  • I have to say that when buying this box I expected so much more, it claimed to do everything I wanted.
    All I've had over the past few weeks is grief and headaches, nothing is simple or straight forward.
    Putting a product into the market with so many faults and lack of actual proper back up or paperwork is a joke.
    Wish I hadn't bought it now.

    I'm not sure what your role in the scheme of things is Sam but Formuler should be ashamed of themselves.

    Sorry but I'm so pissed off...

  • What should i answer to you, except i understand what you mean.
    In my life i paid for some boxes 600€ and was total unhappy, because the expecting of perfect box was absolutely wrong. After sale i was happy with 200€ Box but only after i accepted the structure and how this box works and 2,5 years later was my first box there where she should be. It`s always hard at beginning for Customer and also for Manufacturer, each new box have Bugs, some less and some more. S Series and also some of the Z Series are very young Boxes. Spez. the S Hybrid Boxes comes with bunch of possibility`s and there will come more in future, but first there must be fixed the annoying Bugs and this is very time intensive. How ever, i could write until morning and nothing would change your anger or from others. Mistakes happens, Bugs comes and goes, some Customers will be happy and others not. I know, even if you maybe not believe, but Formuler do all to change the situation and give the Customers in Future the box they want.

    My rol, support and help to the Users and to be interface between Users and Formuler.
    The last time is also for my work on this board very hard but i want to help to each user who search for Help, except to those who yell from first post, write without respect and venomed the atmosphere, because such postings don`t help the Community.
    Next year comes and with this also better time ;) Let us celebrate the new year and think little bit about other things :)