Beta MOL2 SW Update 12.1.0 for GTV released

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    BETA Software Update for Formuler GTV device.

    MYTVOnline 2 Version : 12.1.0 BETA

    Service Version: 12.1.0


    Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    If serious errors occur, please do factory reset.

    Please keep in mind, this is Beta and could have also bugs or act unstable, it is for testing and not for productive use 24h with the box.

    If you don`t want to test, please wait until official comes out. No Forum support in other threads if beta in use, beta issues should be discussed only in this thread.

    HowTo Install:

    Home Menu -> Software Update -> press "1339" -> Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) -> Press Red Button -> Firmware and Software are now shown, press "OK" button for install.

    The install process and reboot works automatically! Please don`t turn off the box or plug out the power supply, could damage the box. The reboot after update needs always much longer than usual, please be patient and let the box finish the install. If necessary reboot later once again.

    Beta MOL 2 v. 12.1.0 BETA discussions only in this thread here! Other open threads with Beta issues will be deleted instantly!

    We need to collect data and feedback's on one place, thank you for your understanding.


    MYTVOnline 2 Version : 12.1.0 BETA

    • NEW: Migrate to new online subtitles API
    • NEW: Added Subtitle & Audio synchronizer
    • NEW: Added Export button in Content Sources menu
      • Easily export portal details to MYTVOnline+ mobile app
    • NEW: Configuration tools for installers
    • IMP: Improved Search results for characters with accents
    • IMP: Improved support for VOB subtitles
    • FIX: "Empty Groups" error in Edit Groups
    • FIX: Some contents play in slow motion
    • FIX: Launcher "Customize Channels" feature not working
    • FIX: Unable to play Cloud Timeshift sometimes
    • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements
  • Found a little typo.

    When you fill in credentials for Online subtitles and login. You see a short message with the text "signed in to".

    Must be .com.😃

    Yes its beta version. I just wanna help.

    Oh and when you search a subtitles as example for an english movie. Mytvonline2 gives as input search text [EN] before the title.

    Example i search for the movie Rocky.

    Mytvonline2 says then: search for: [EN] rocky

    is it possible to remove the [EN] text?

    now we must remove always the country text and the [ and ].

    in short: that only the movie title is showed when you search for sub, without the country text.

    Hopefully its okay.

    It works flawless the subs. Thanks

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  • Are you certain the [EN] is not added by your content provider in the title of the VOD?

    Its in the title of my provider yes, so we can see if themovie is english. Or french, dutch etc.

    So if i search as example for "halloween", i see only 1 result. Result is: [EN] Halloween

    Then i click movie, play, search for subtitles and in the searchbox the title is then: [EN] Halloween.

    Would love to have only "Halloween" in the search box. Cause now we have to remove everytime the [EN], or [FR] etcetera.

    I just want to say that if it is possible to auto remove the [text] with a update.

    If that is possible.

    Thanks my friends.

  • I tried audio synchronisation on one channel.

    But nothing change.

    Is that correct? I set the time to -2 seconds, there is no ok button so i think it saves it direct. But dont hear that the sound changes.

    Someone who has.the same?

    Correction: it works. Yes! I had tomset the audio delay to + 13000ms 😂

    Is it possible that we van hold the ok button?

    I had to Push "100 times" on the ok button to get the +13 sec