New Box Buffering constantly

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  • Hi there, I just received my second z7+ and am trying to set it up. It is buffering on every channel every 5 seconds for around 3 seconds.
    Screen pauses, loading notification comes up, then starts again. The other box works perfectly well with the same provider and other IPTV apps work fine too. The box is wired and I have a 300mb connection. I have tried a factory reset but it's still behaving the same.
    App versions is v1.08.06-r1361. System software is version 1.2.6 r12319.

  • I had this also. Wired box but constant buffering. I done a factory reset and still same. It was only when I reset my router and powered it off for 10mins I got it fixed. I'm guessing you've tried this though???

  • Yeah I've reset everything, but the funny thing is I have a second z7+ in the same house with the same provider on the same network, that works fine. I thought maybe there was some setting I could change. The only thing I've seen is buffer amount and HLS fast --> Normal, both of which did nothing.

  • Only for Info:
    HLS : "normal" should be taken always, because the setting "fast" have Bug incl. and let your Box always only Buffer (no picture). Known problem and will be fixed in next updates.

  • Hi,
    I also have the same issue as the OP

    ISP = Plusnet UK (80/20) no issues with my MAG256 box OR Enigma2 box (same sub) until I purchased the Z7+ a few weeks ago.

    TV picture shows loading every x seconds making tv unwatchable (irrespective of channel SD/HD/FHD).
    The only workaround I found was to go into the main system [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] and select software reset.
    The box is 'normal' again for several hours, then deteriorates again and have to repeat workaround.

    Apart from this issue the box is great.

  • Add me to the list, it seems like its the software, I tried 4/5 portal providers, again all work fine on other devices. I have installed stbemupro onto my Z7+ and again, everything works perfectly. so its not a problem hardware wise with the formuler, more a glitch with MyTvOnline, However, I assume I bought this device, like many others FOR the software and not the physical box (if I could have purchased MTO separate then that would have been my 1st point of contact).

    so, I am now being forced to use Stbemupro on a £100 box that I could have used on any of the other 3 android boxes in the house and loosing my "catchup" capabilities.

  • same here as already described here: MYTVOnline app causing serious buffering issues

    The loading screen seems to be causing the issue i think, if you press info button on remote when watching a channel you will see the blue bar go down sometimes until they show in grey then the loading screen pops up and causes what appears to look like buffering but suspect it's not buffering as to many of use having same issue.