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    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    When you use your data for portal, do you enter username and password?

    You said you can't record a channel anymore, can you explain me in detail? the record icon is gone?

    You only have those problem when you use your data for portal, right? not m3u.


    Hi Team,

    Don't get why after an update the Box isn't working like before? Just updated my box today like on the last update some functions went missing and this time VOD's are gone!? They seem to load but there is no watch option anymore just the title is present nothing else. Series seems to work fine but the build in player is not able to download any subtitles.

    Again I regret having updated my box:-((((

    Kind regards,


    Hi Lee,

    can you provide photos of the issues?

    What connection type are you using?

    and Make sure that the external VOD player option is turned off.

    Go to Mytvonline2 > Menu > Settings > Player Options > External VOD player.

    Hi Allsatboy,

    Even on the same channel, cloud TS functionality is available depending on the service provider.

    If the user's service provider does not support the Cloud ts function to the stalker server, you can't use it.

    I also tried it but could not reproduce the issue. It worked normally.

    Please ask your stalker IPTV service provider on the issue.


    I seem to have a problem on the new FW. When exiting from watching something on VOD back to live TV, the OSD remains on the screen over the TV channel and doesnt time out. Pressing back on remote does nothing infact all buttons pressed display over the OSD still visiblle. Going to standby and reloading mytvonline recitified. Not sure if it was a 1 off or a bug. Thanks

    I reproduced the issue at my Z8.

    but There is nothing problem.

    Did you set OSD Timeout to never?