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    If I press and hold OK when in MOL2, PiP will turn on and I can select the PiP channel. This behaviour is different from what is described in the table. Would this be because I am using the ‘Classic’ channel list style? Because that’s what this shortcut would normally invoke according to the table. But because I selected the aforementioned option in Settings (MOL2), I get this just by briefly pressing OK (i.e. I don’t have to hold the button for 2 seconds).

    Finally… I thought I was doing something wrong… Turns out I wasn’t…


    Problem with the last update.

    When I'm recording live tv I cannot go to the VOD or series. Before it was possible.

    Couldn’t this be possible with an XCodes Multiroom connection? I mean, you can watch another channel while already recording one, so why not watch something from the VOD catalogue on your secondary connection?

    So please fix software , I can't watch series now !!! Many client are "unhapy". You can make a chance to stop software update from client side. Because of stability and trust of you IPTV boxes. Anyway "stalk**" is better choise than XC. Smart people don't like ecrypted php code with backdoors ;)

    No it ruddy well isn’t, and you know it isn’t… First of all, if you’re so scared about security when using IPTV, then maybe you should refrain from doing so, or use it through VPN. Secondly, Stalker, by definition, doesn’t allow you to use multiple connections with one single box, preventing you from recording one channel when watching another or using features like PiP. And thirdly, quite a lot of features in the VOD section are available exclusively through XCodes portals… How can Stalker still be regarded as being “better”, taking all of this into account? It might be more secure (although that would certainly be a fake sense of security, much like the facial masks during the pandemic), but it only actually makes a difference if you don’t know how to set up services like VPN or Tor. Because these are really adding an additional layer of security, instead of just providing you with a feeling of being more secure…

    Besides, at least in the Netherlands, there isn’t a real need to worry as things stand, because the chance of IPTV services being blocked is slime to non-existent because of tough net neutrality laws. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere on this forum, the legislation has been nerfed slightly because of EU guidelines which actually stand above the Dutch legislation, but still… I most certainly am glad we do have them firmly in place. That being said, I myself still use VPN to further obfuscate the fact that I’m using IPTV (and to mitigate some lag issues that I have when watching certain channels).

    buying the z8 is already discouraged in many forums (…)

    Oh yeah? Such as? I mean, here in the Netherlands, nearly every IPTV provider recommends either the Z8 OR the Alpha. Formuler must be doing something right then, mustn’t they? I’ve been using it myself since April, and haven’t had one day of regret for buying it. Even with the EPG routine having glitched out on me. I can receive virtually every channel I throw at it, no matter how bizarre the codec may be. Something I most certainly couldn’t say for my previous box.

    Image dropouts are gone after I have changed in settings - display - custom display format to 1080p 24Hz.

    My TV is Samsung 4K UHD.

    What kind of image dropouts are you experiencing? If you want to enjoy 4K content, you should set the frame rate to automatic in the Settings, and turn AFR to on in MOL2. That will give you some drops when zapping, but at least you will always have fluent motion, since the displayed frame rate will match that of the content. For higher resolutions to work properly, you should use the supplied HDMI cable or one of similar or better quality, that meets HDMI 2.0 specs at the least. I have had to change my own HDMI cable too, because I thought I could use an existing one, only to be proven wrong. That one was compliant only to HDMI1.2 and was therefore not nearly quick enough to handle all of the data being squished through it. I have since connected the cable that came with my Z8 and have never had an issue with image quality or stability since.

    Tell you what… I just got it to work without doing anything… This might sound strange. What I mean is, I just went to the ‘All’ group and put the box in standby. Then when I woke it up this morning, I finally saw the EPG animation. And now it works like it should, too… I’ll be investigating if my own favourite groups have something to do with this, because I simply can’t think of anything else. Like I said, I’d cleared the cache, reset the app, even factory reset the whole box, and it still wouldn’t do it. Until today, that is… I’m at a loss as to what might have caused this. So now I just put the channel selector back into one of my own favourite groups and we’ll see if that changes anything…


    Thx for responding.

    I just did. I still get the same error message.

    What ID did you give the “IP TV Host guy”? Did you give them the ID displayed in the top right corner of the screen (ID), or the MAC address (displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen? The one you should use, is at the top.

    I live in the Netherlands. Meaning that internet will not be blocked.

    I wouldn’t state it quite so boldly… I live in the Netherlands as well, so I know that the very strict Dutch net neutrality legislation has changed at the hands of the EU. Though chances are really slim indeed, the likelihood of internet services being blocked has increased since the EU dropped its version of net neutrality down to our government. Much of the Dutch legislation is, fortunately, still intact, but a blocking order can now be passed by a judge. Think about a certain site that would allow a certain way of sharing that is no longer legally accessible from the Netherlands (sorry for the cryptic mess; I just don’t want to be accused of mentioning stuff I shouldn’t because of site conditions). You know the one… Prior to 2016, things like this were unheard of. Since then, though...

    I will give you this: the aforementioned site is, to this day, the only one that is actively being blocked by Dutch ISPs. No other site, service or protocol has received similar treatment.

    SAM, I’ve already tried that… I’m sorry, but I think the one thing that happened here is that the software left the beta stage too early. I suppose I can consider myself lucky, seeing as other people have streaming issues (no sound, freezes, etc.). In my case, I can stream just fine. Any channel that does have streaming issues, has those on other devices as well, so, for me at least, these issues are beside what happened to the software during the last update. However, the EPG problem really needs investigation. 175n may well be describing the correct behaviour for the EPG loading routine, but, for me and my neighbour (we’re both on XCodes portals) none of it is occurring in the way it’s supposed to. We both don’t even get the animated icon he’s describing, or any other indication of EPG data being loaded in the background in MOL2, whereas in the last version, things worked just fine. the “EPG Loading” notification may have been a little obnoxious to some, but I definitely preferred it that way. Even if it was there for the best part of 5 minutes when on an XCodes portal, whereas for Stalker it took about 35 seconds. This time around, Stalker portals do show the expected new behaviour and data is being downloaded properly, whereas for XCodes, no such luck. And that’s a real shame, because Stalker is limited to using one line on one connection, which makes accessing any of the new features impossible. In fact, many of the new features only work using XCodes portals.

    My advice for the next big release is to definitely test more thoroughly, and take specific care to have people test using XCodes portals, as they seem to be left out in the cold for now. I do hope the cause for the issue regarding the EPG is found sooner though. Particularly because you need the EPG to set a timer for recording…

    Hls is after restart on.... But the freezer are realy Bad. Is it possible to go back on the old Firmware?

    Nope, unfortunately not, or I would have done the same… And it’s a bummer, too, because the new features are very welcome indeed. But my EPG problem renders some of them quite useless. You need an XCodes-portal with two connections for those to work, yet with an XCodes-portal, the EPG isn’t working properly. As you may have gathered from my previous posts, background loading/refreshing doesn’t (seem to) work. The data loads on demand, but it’s never there when you need it… So, for the time being, I’d love to be able to roll back the previous version of MOL2. That’s not going to happen, though… So I guess I’ll have to wait for a future update before my problem is resolved (see my previous post (#36) for a more detailed description of it).

    MOL2, Main menu, Settings, Clear EPG cache

    Then check the actions bar and wait for the EPG loading animation to stop moving.

    After that check the EPG

    Been there, done that… No change… The thing is: the supposed icon doesn’t even start moving. I don’t know how to convey this properly, but it seems there’s no background loading going on at all…! And, as I’ve said, I’m not the only one either. If I go to the channel selector (OK) and momentarily highlight each channel, data will be loaded. Same thing if I go into the EPG via either the dedicated button on the remote or the (still; non-animated) icon on the actions bar… I don’t know what happened, but something must have changed in some EPG loading routine or other, affecting XCodes portals in particular. I’ve been using this service for about 4 months before the new version came out, and I’ve never had this problem on the previous version of the software. Neither do I have it on any other application. I tried IPTV Smarters Pro, OTT Player Navigator and a few others. So don’t go and tell me it’s my provider…
    I don’t even know what the animated version of the icon is supposed to look like, because, in the new version, it has never even started animating for me. Not on XCodes, at least. Going by the previous version, I suppose It’d ‘fill’; going from grey to white, starting at the top and going to the bottom of the icon. But it simply sits there, nice and white, as silent as can be, even after clearing the EPG cache.

    Again, the EPG data does load if I specifically ‘ask’ for it, but it’s slow as molasses… Not even near to the performance I experienced in the last version of MOL2, with nothing having changed to my settings. It seems as though, for XCodes portals at the very least, some change or other in the software has affected the EPG loading routine… By the way, I would’ve rather had the icon appear somewhere on the screen without me having to go looking for it, at least temporarily (i.e. 10 seconds or something). That way I’d at least know that it was loading, because, as I’ve now said multiple times, it really isn’t for me. Not in the background at least.

    If, after reading all this, you still are convinced it should be loading, then please do me the favour of actually posting a video or an image pointing out what it looks like… I’ll post a photo below of what I see after either turning on the box or clearing the EPG cache (which I’ve tried about 3 times already).

    On the image below, the red arrow indicates my EPG icon. It doesn’t animate at all. Not after restarting the box, neither after taking it out of standby, nor after clearing EPG cache. The yellow arrow indicates the icon that precedes the frame rate, which hadn’t been established at the time I took this photo. That was the only animating icon on screen at this point in time, or in fact at any time since updating MOL2 to its latest version.

    It would have been nice if my box, or that of my neighbour, who also uses an XCodes portal, would exhibit the behaviour you described, but they don’t. I actually even went as far as to take out a trial with another provider, also over XCodes, to see if it was my provider after all, but the trial subscription actually showed the same exact behaviour as my main one. My neighbour was able to confirm that things do work as intended on Stalker portals (he’s converted to XCodes now, but actually could still use his expiring Stalker subscription to test things out), but with Stalker, you lose the ability to watch and record at the same time, as well as some other nice features introduced by this software version (and these features do work as intended).

    The EPG Loading indicator was moved to the actions bar.

    Wait for the new EPG Loading indicator to stop moving and then check the EPG.

    Thanks for your response, but… still no luck there. Even when I have the info display on ‘hold’’ (i.e. it’s on the screen the whole time) and press the down arrow to go to the actions bar, I still see nothing moving. I do see an EPG icon, but it’s static and stays that way. It doesn’t begin moving, so I can’t know whether data is being loaded in the background. The EPG is working, just, seemingly, not being populated in the background like it was before

    On the previous version of the software, there would be an icon in the top right corner, like I explained before, and it would be there for the best part of five minutes on my XCodes portal, before finally disappearing. Now though, even if I look where you say I ought to, there’s no animation whatsoever… What’s more, even if the box has been on for a few hours, the behaviour remains the same as I described in my previous post… It really renders the EPG much less useful to me… Mind you, I would be OK with it taking 5 minutes or longer to complete loading, but it sincerely doesn’t seem to start at all, let alone complete.

    Dear all,

    This is my first post on this forum. Let me start off by saying I love the Formuler Z8, and I’m looking forward to using the new features coming with this update. Unfortunately however, I also have a problem with the EPG, which doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in this thread yet. Here goes.

    I’m using an XCodes portal with 2 connections. Before the update, upon turning the box ‘on’ (i.e. out of standby), I’d see an animated EPG symbol and the EPG Loading message in the top right corner of the screen for quite a while, and eventually the EPG would be loaded and would show when I wanted it to. I’m calling this the ‘expected behaviour.
    Now, with the newest update, a few things have happened. First off, I don’t see any indication of EPG data being loaded when turning the box on. Neither an icon, nor the text (I know the behaviour for showing this status has changed; you should be seeing it in the Info screen, but no such luck for me…).

    However, this is not the main problem. What I find way more annoying is that, when I press OK to select another channel, I don’t get an overview of what’s currently on. Programmes only show up once I briefly highlight a channel, whereas in the past I would see everything at once. In the Grid EPG view, similar behaviour occurs: I press the EPG button and see the channels being populated right before my eyes, instead of the data being there already, like it used to be. It seems like the loading behaviour of the EPG data has changed, at least where XCodes portals are concerned. I very much preferred the old way…
    I happen to know that these issues do not occur on Stalker portals (where you don’t have a username and password), because my neighbour has a subscription with an active Stalker connection with the same provider as I use. He also has an active XCodes line, and with that one, his particular box exhibits the same behaviour as mine since the latest update…

    Can anyone please verify whether they have similar issues with the EPG when on an XCodes portal? And, if so, is there anything I can do to mitigate the issue?