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    Hi mate don’t you hdmi. From formuler to av then another hdmi. Out of av to the tv

    Den123 - You're right:

    HDMI from Z8 to AV box.

    HDMI cable from AV box to TV.

    Speaker cables from AV box to speakers.

    The issue is that this setup worked fine before the update but not any more. I thought that the blank screen was a dead Z8 but thankfully it works ok if HDMI cable goes directly from Z8 to TV.


    LED light say us the box rebooted and started the launcher. Can you upload screenshot from your blue screen?

    Check also your HDMI Cable if connected properly (Box and TV), second hold resolution button for at least few seconds and few times to see if something change.

    Thanks Sam. I have found a solution. It seems that the HDMI cable which was connected to AV amplifier and then to speaker system NOW has to be connected directly to the TV. The Z8 seems to be working now. I am going to continue investigating to find out how I can reconnect to my AV system via HDMI. I'll post if I find the issue.


    Formuler Z8 not working after update this week (17th November 2020)

    • Model: . Formuler 8
    • Firmware version: not sure; only 2 months old;
      MYTVOnline 1 / MYTVOnline 2 version: not sure – cannot get z8 to work in order to find this information.
    • Box connected with: Ethernet
    • What issue(s) are you having? My demands have been simple. I have not been using the Z8 to its full potential, just watching selected TV. However, I powered up on Tuesday 17th November to see that updates were ready for me. I downloaded and installed as directed but sadly my Z8 doesn’t work any more. Turning the device on gives me a green LED and a blue screen.
    • Did you factory reset your device? and when?: yes - both the inbuilt method using the red key on the RMU and the USB version using update.ird reset tool have failed.

    When I use the USB method, I get a splash of Z8 and get hopeful. Then I become even more hopeful when I get coloured rings in the centre of the screen and a progress bar below it. The bar progresses cheerfully from left to right to suggest 100% completion and then sadly nothing. The TV screen becomes blue. The LED light on the Z8 is flashing red/green during the initial phase and then just green. I was very patient and waited over 30 minutes but nothing changed. I have tried this three times now with the same result.

    I would be grateful for any advice that would help.

    Thanks in anticipation.