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    nor does it keep the progress of what was watched. I have sent in multiple tickets, No responses yet, still waiting for the mytvonline2 player to be fixed . Very frustrating.

    the newest update has not fixed the problem.

    Please check this comment below.


    1- I am not using an external player.

    2- I am using a MAC Portal.

    3- I can not immediately reproduce by. skipping ahead.

    4- I dont have another service provider to test with.

    This continues to randomly happen while watching either Vod TV series, or also on the catchup feature.

    I'm having the same problems with multiple TV series VOD, usually after watching two or three episodes in a row and at no particular % the show will just jump to the end and prompt for the next episode. If I hit the back button, go the the same episode it shows that it was finished even though it wasn't. I will need to start over and scroll forward and try to find where i was last watching. Any suggestions I have deleted the the program and reinstall it. No luck.