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    once again, thanks for ur answer and hope formular will look into this and also the use of .ts + m3u links,
    i think they will benifit from this with more boxes sold if those features would be included in future updates....

    ".....But its good request for Future and i will forward this to Formuler. Maybe they can find some way."

    Thanks for the answer and YES
    "............ts links + m3u links working with Apps like VLC and are not for MYTVOnline. Not yet, maybe in future."
    would be a very very nice feature for this box in the future, i think alot of people would like that :o)

    Well, i have a swedish IP tv provider via my cat5 cavle today, no username/password to access this and nowhere to register a mac adress or have a link, so i guess i hvae to wait for future updates to use mytvonline
    (TS.m3u links) or ?

    I m trying to have my tv provider link working with mytvonline, but no luck sofar,
    Does anyone know what url format mytvonline supports ?
    I have tried with .ts links + m3u links but everytime same error from mytvonline... "check ur internet connection"
    which i know is working because i can open other apps on my Z+ box.

    I saw a guide here...
    "mportant: Be sure you register (on Server Operator Homepage) with your right MAC Address (if necessary). In this Mask you can check it all the time when needed. See picture."
    What is "Server Operator Homepage" + do i have to register my new z+ box somewhere first, before trying to use mytvonline ?
    i have watch all the videos on this page but still no luck in getting mytvonline working
    any help would be very appreciated

    Hi again,
    thanks for the answer but i could not find the answer to my question in those videos, i bought this box yesterday due to the fact that i didnt want to use kodi for my live tv channels which i only have as a .ts link.
    the seller in the shop told me that this box was the soulution but sofar i cant see that working.
    When i try to write my .ts link details in mytvonline service list, its returning with an error that the url is wrong ?
    i cant use kodi du to the lacking in picture quality, and as i can read i cant update KODI either due to "old" android version on this box.
    So right now i fear that i spendt alot of money in a box which i cant use for my purpose or hopefully there is a solution for mytvonline to accept my .ts link with channels ?

    Im a new user and bought my first box "Z plus", i cant find any guide anywhere about how to add mytvonline channels ? i have a .ts link from my provider which i use in ie VLC player (windows pc)
    to see my channels but i dont know how to do that in "mytvonline" ?
    Thanks for any help :)