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    Yes you can add various portals

    1. Add upto 10 x mac based portals and / or API portals i.e http://dns:port, tick login required add user/pass (same method as smarters / xciptv / gse etc)
    2. Add upto 10 m3u url playlists.

    To reboot a portal on latest update - Menu - Refresh
    To change a portal / service - Menu -Connections - choose different service.

    Easy as that.

    The Netflix wont happen, to much involved requiring widevine and certs and other stuff.

    Recording Catch UP would be like downloading from your Suppliers TV archive server, doubt that will happen.

    PIP - requires 2 connections, most mac portals are 1 connection.

    Thats just an educated guess though, Formuler Devs would know the limitations more.

    Fantastic, this will be very good for users.

    Quick question.

    On iPhone (iOS) is there a keyboard, or any plans of adding keyboard option on iOS app (opposed to just numeric)

    Thank You

    if gave Mac

    Make sure you have given mac correct starting 00:1A:79.

    Also if using xtream api or playlist, then double check all entered correct

    Are you planning to get the certification on the Z8 this year or we can forget about it and just hope for a future certified device ?

    Most of the true certified brands are

    Apple TV 4 and 4k
    Certain TVs.

    very much doubt Formuler will get certified Android TV / Netflix also vrs the likes of the brands above.

    Hiding categories may be able to be done on MAC based apps, I won't mention brands but hide categories and rearrange favourites to order of preference was a recent update on a Canadian based brand of dedicated mac app box.

    Would be great if devs did implement that at some point, but suppose that in grand scheme of things is not priority over other functions/bugs etc.

    In Kodi.


    Perpheral Libaries

    Joystick support - Disable That.

    Close Kodi and Reopen and remote fine on z8

    Kodi 18.

    Just did this right now.

    Need a wireless remote/air sync/cursor mode on remote to change original settings.

    I literally just paired a 4k fire stick remote to z8 (mainly as z8 remote not working with kodi 18)

    Volume does mol volume
    3 lines brings up menu
    up from channel list
    when on a channel, scroll on info bar to epg for epg of that section.
    pause button pauses.
    rewind works etc.

    Not same as the dedicated stb remote, but usable mate.

    Tested myself.

    Z8 remote was not working in Kodi 18 official, or RC5
    Dreamlink t1+ and Z+ remote the same.

    I plugged in a minix remote to see and that works.

    Looks like a little fix will need be pushed.


    Highly highly likely android 8 will be the phone OS. There’s a reason only ~2 boxes in the world have legit Android OS (cost, time, certification requirements, etc). No one should be assuming/hoping we’ll get Android TV OS

    Yes agree, but at pricing of £130 pre order, needs a little more than 5ghz wifi and Oreo to warrant the cost.

    that's why asked about processor also, as if same/similar etc.

    As may just grab one on pre order, to try out like I do most things ha, but wanted bit more info first etc

    Have a few questions for the devs.

    1. Will Android Oreo 8 be Android TV OS or mobile/tablet one like the rest?
    2. It says MOL2, will that version only be on z8 or will other models get the MOL2?
    3. Will there be any Android Rom updates to the z7+?
    4. What is the processor chip in the z8? as cant see that info

    Just few questions, before thinking of pre order :)

    4k is on Nvidia Shield, Fire, Apple, Smart TVs.

    Widevine and drm for big brands, formuler I doubt would get that licensing.

    Chinese boxes with android TV OS will run netflix/prime with no air mouse and maybe get HD.

    Formuler selling point is MyTV app, that's it in reality, that and few third party apps

    Use official apps on boxes like the above or smart tv apps on tv, Prime and Netflix on my Samsung/Shield also.

    Change EPG Mode to UTC in settings.

    Epg seems fine on latest beta update, let epg settle in background for a while and see if ok.