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    I had the same concerns about the z11 but I bought one about a month ago anyway, also replacing a Z8. It's fantastic, a big upgrade and have had no issues at all thankfully. So I would recommend changing

    Have my pro max for 3 days now( upgraded from a Z8) running 3 providers 2 on XC one on stalker. Absolutely delighted, everything working perfectly, superb box so far well done formuler.

    I understand some people are having issues but I though I'd post this for some balance as reading this thread for the last few weeks had been putting me off buying and may reassure future buyers somewhat

    So I've owned the Z8 for a couple of years now and has always been connected to my network by ethernet. Today it disconnected showing the exclamation mark in the network settings icon this has happened before and just required a restart but today that hasn't worked.

    I have tried ethernet,WiFi and a hotspot from my phone's mobile network nothing is working. I have rebooted the box and my router but still nothing.

    Any help please TIA

    Had this issue a few months ago a factory reset sorted the problem but unfortunately it has returned again. Thankfully is doesnt happen in the MTVOL app which I mainly use

    ok but even if this is server side, surely the developers of mytvonline app can develop the app to ignore being shut down, basically thats the same as saying the server can control you're box by shutting it down when a period of activity is not detected.

    Now the mytvonline app being client side should be able to ignore it or something similar, not aware of such feature myself but find it alarming a server can just shut down the box if using mytvonline app because of inactivity standby timer rule, it's down to the developers to integrate this client side within the mytvonline app, infact a setting to shut box off after xx hours or just send a fake response every hour or something so server thinks it's had some activity, i don't know as never heard of such a server feature but seems very odd way to go about things.

    An example my TV will bring a popup after after xx hours (set by me in settings) asking to press a button to keep tv on, What i mean is the mytvonline app should at least allow us to alter that behaviour like my TV for example and even maybe to show a popup/message to confirm to keep on or something like that. To allow the server to control this without any sort of verification from client (client side) just doesn't go well with me and think something needs passing over as a suggestion to developers.

    The MTVVOL app does give a warning message just prior to shutting down which gives you the option to click OK and continue

    Have you done a factory reset? That worked for me about a month ago and all is still good