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    Some updated info, regarding this buffering issue.
    I decided to give another try with this box, hooked it up, a couple days ago, in anticipation of the new software release, previously this was wired, only, now because of the location, its wireless.
    Channel surfing the last day or so, no issues whatsoever, both movies and tv played well, some minor buffering along the way, its nothing, compared to my previous report.
    Currently here the updated info:
    SW version v1.2.16, revision r13015, build 24-01-2018
    edit#1- forgot my speed, currently between 10 and 11 down, no change

    My z7+ is also back in the box.
    I am stuck with less than 10 down, and this box is an internet HOG, constant buffering, I wish I could watch long enough, to experience the problems described above. I took this box to a friends house, he has better than 20 down, no buffering at all. A firestick out performs this over priced buffering box. I am now using linux kodi on an intel NUC, with no issues

    I took the box to a friends hosue, he has 25-29 down.
    No buffering issues were observed, so I would say that the suggestion of minimum 3Mbp down is somewhat incorrect.

    Model: Formuler Z7+
    Provider Box
    Firmware version and date: Software version 1.2.10 Software revision R12567 Build 21-12-2017 Android v 7.0 kernel 3.18.24_hi3798mv2x
    MYTVOnline version and date: 1.08.06-r1361
    Factory reset done and when?: yes, several times

    This box is a European model, as identified with the power adator plug in, no external antenna.
    I have a subscription with vaders.
    My download speed is steady at 10 down / 1 up, via Telmex, I live in Mexico
    Using this box as the only viewing device, I have constant buffering.
    I have changed from wired ethernet to wireless and back, changed the hdmi cable, installed a replacement power adaptor, still the buffering.
    I have an intel NUC with linux and kodi installed, very little buffering, from the same account.
    I have an amazon firestick, same account, buffers more than kodi, but less than z7+
    I am able to watch two (2) streams, one with the NUC, and one with the firestick, at the same time.
    I have factory reset the device, several times, with no improvement in viewing.
    I intend to visit a friends house, he has 20 down, and see if this improves the streaming.

    Any advice as to what I can do to improve the viewing experiance?
    Thank you