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    Just to give everyone a little update...the beta program is very promising! EPG loads in the background on starting up the MTVOL app and while the official time estimates for full population are 10-15 minutes, the actual loading times seem to be 3-4 minutes for most portals.

    There are still some bugs to work out with caching the EPG when exiting the portal, but its a very exciting step for anyone who has been upset with this long standing issue.

    This is great news I wont will the time be corrected my guide still is an hour and 45 minites ahead

    if you need any more testers id also be up for it I'm currently looking for another iptv box because of this poor guide so if there is hope in the near future id like to hold off as I do really like this box but my time being off and the poor guide is making it hard to keep it.If any testers see better results hopefully we will hear some info on it soon so we can hold off dumping our boxes

    no I can also honestly say mines not an internet hog I love this box other than the terrible mytvonline app.My kodi and all other apps work flawless audio everything is fine but the main reason I bought this box was for the iptv and its horrible.My old 69.00 tv box ran everything else fine so I basically at this point overpayed for a regular tv box

    the biggest issue for me is the guide being off if it wasn't for that I could live with the other issues for now.There should be a way to adjust the guide.I also did the same thing for now I went back to stalker in kodi so I could actually see whats on with the correct description

    Ive been waiting and hoping that the new update might fix my guide the main reason I bought this box was to get a better guide more like my old FTA was but overall so far its horrible.My guide is off by an hour and 45 minites and no matter what I try theres no fixing it and the guide is slow loading I actually don't see any difference I'm actually thinking about dumping this box and finding another that works or does anyone know if theres something like Mytvonline that I can install that actually works

    as for the guide loading slow this sucks but is an issue I can handle the issue I hate is the time is a way off in my guide and no matter what I'm told to try it never gets better and if I hit info it shows the wrong show info do you experience this also?

    Any idea when the new update will be released I find theres a lot of bugs I really like the box though in performance etc

    I'm having a hard time getting my guide right I tried everything time is correct in my [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] I tried setting the guide from normal to utc etc but nothing works my guide never shows the correct info

    manosteel9423 mine also does the same thing with the stuck in standby I'm glad it not just me I was thinking I was doing something wrong