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    Well that is disappointing. Who would ever purchase another Formuler device after being treated like this?

    Formuler is not apple and the client base they just screwed are far more tech savy than those apple has locked in. There are more alternatives every day.

    Sorry, but I do not understand this or the DNS settings that are recommended here as cures for buffering.

    Once an IP address is assigned, it remains with the device for hours at least, up to weeks, depending on the lease settings. There is nothing that happens with DHCP vs static that would cause a stream to buffer. Unless the lease settings are set to very short lease times or there is a bug in the IP settings that causes frequent lease renewals, it is simply not possible for this to be the cause of a buffering problem.

    Same for the DNS settings. They are set on lease renewal or in the static settings and as long as the DNS address is valid, there is no way changing your DNS server IP would alleviate a buffering issue. Name lookups just do not happen often enough to cause these problems.

    Both seem to me to be just grasping at straws and not real fixes. Rather surprised that this is still a thing here, IT professionals should know better. Can't imagine why this has not been debunked a long time ago.

    This is not just Vaders.

    As they are down yet again, I am using my backup cheap-o service and the function is similar.

    Seems to happen more with the regionals, I think but could be wrong about that. Anyway, select the channel from the guide and the stream either does not change while putting the tv icon on the newly selected channel or spins on a black screen for a bit and then returns to the previous channel. However, if you use the channel up/down button and allow that new stream to come up, then return to the originally selected channel with the appropriate up/down button, you will get where you wanted to be.

    Is there any way, and if not, can it be added to the list, to change the idle timeout nag screen to three hours instead of two?

    Two hours does not get you through far too many movies and often pops up at the worst possible time.

    Even when using pause/rewind live tv just 10 minutes before, two hours without a channel change, will cause the timeout confirmation to pop up.

    So then its possible that a universal remote would be a work around, except that if the current remote is putting out bad codes, would not be able to learn direct.

    Any idea what commercial devices the Z7+ is most like? Or some rec for a reasonably priced modern choice?

    I have an older remote that is due for an upgrade, but would be nice if it wasn't necessary just yet.


    Nothing happens when I press play/pause/rewind. The green light on the front of the device flashes as if it is receiving the commands, but no reaction from the device at all. No errors, no file created on the flash drive.

    I have tried a number of times to factory reset after the latest updates. FW 1.2.16 + MYTVOnline 1.9.6.

    Not sure what else you need. My provider does support the function and has a yt video of the timeshift feature working.

    Yea, still not working for me.

    Removed USB keyboard adapter. Freshly formatted 16GB Sandisk USB stick.
    Factory reset and at current rev levels.
    Power on with no other apps loaded or [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] changed.
    Enter portal details, pick a channel and still nothing.
    Hit the record button and it begins recording.
    Playlist shows the recorded stream and it plays without issue.

    Possible that using a URL for the channel list instead of MAC based portal login as I currently am, could be the difference?

    OK, performed the latest update which does not seem to have addressed any of my issues.

    Ethernet speed still poor. 27mb down / 37 mb up
    Timeshift still not working.
    Guide no faster.

    I am now running the following....

    Firmware version and date: v1.2.16 r13015 01/24/2018
    MYTVOnline version and date: v1.09.06-r1443
    Factory reset done and when?: yes

    Couple of curious notes about the process. After the initial reboot and firmware upgrade, there was also a software upgrade. After learning that timeshift was still not working, I thought to try another factory reset. Upon boot from reset there was an additional software upgrade. I also noticed that while the reset seems to have worked, (I had to reenter all initial [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] and reload apps), my guide channel favorites were retained across the factory reset. Not sure how things work, but that seems odd.

    I will be very happy when fixes for these become available.

    Is the poor ethernet performance something that might be fixed with a firmware update, or likely beyond repair?

    I also neglected to mention the two hour power off nag screen. Really annoying at the end of a long movie to have a pop-up at just the wrong time.


    Model: Formuler Z7+
    Retail Box or Provider Box: Retail Box
    Firmware version and date: v1.2.6 / 12/06/2017
    MYTVOnline version and date: v1.08.06-r1361
    Factory reset done and when?: yes

    Have had the box for a couple of days now and for the most part, I am pretty pleased. Picture quality is top notch and I have not had the audio issues reported here. There are however a few issues that seem easy to address that really would make this thing awesome.

    Firstly, while I realize that 100mb Ethernet is likely to be more than adequate for the purpose, how much could possibly have been saved by not including 1Gb, a couple of bucks? Just not smart, sorry. Which brings me to my first issue.

    Wired into a GB network and with 200/35 ISP service that I can reliably test to the set limits, the formuler has been getting no more than 29mb down and 35mb up. While fine for most streams, 4k will seriously strain that level of performance.

    I went into this knowing about the slow to load EPG and I can live with it, but cmon, how hard is it to cache the guide locally in the background, instead of requesting a page at a time?

    Last thing that keeps this from being what it should be, is the pause/rewind live tv function. This is the killer feature the box really needs. Was fully expecting this feature and it could be a deal killer if not addressed.

    Hope these items can be addressed in a timely fashion, as the product is very solid and just needs a bit of additional development to become best in class.

    Thank you.