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    My Z7+ has a problem almost as long as I can remember. Every so often like every few days the box comes unresponsive to any inputs from the Remote control.

    The only way to fix it is to unplug the power from the back and plug it back in. Then the box reboots and it will be ok for a few days until the next time.

    I find this rather annoying. I have owned the box for a couple of years now so it has had a few updates over that time but it continues with the problem.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any fix for it?:?:


    Perhaps we should keep it simple first... for example, does this 2160p60fps youtube video play for 30+ minutes without buffering?

    Well I played youtube 4K for more than an hour without any issues so that points to the VOD service I have. I don't know why I didn't think of you suggestion myself. Thanks again for your help.

    Funny you mentioned that. I did try 4K youtube but with the app on my TV with no problem. I see your point.

    I will download the youtube app on the Z7+ and try playing 4K content that way and see how it goes.

    Good idea and I will report back and let you know how it goes. Thanks for now.

    Sorry for my lack of understanding.

    The problem can only be,

    1) My network being my type of connection. Is it good or not and is the modem/router working properly.

    2 ) ISP network being my provider. Are they providing what they say they are.

    3) IPTV being is the problem with them.

    Is this what you mean in your reply?

    I am logged into my router right now but I don't know the tech of it to know what to look for. I have contacted my ISP in the past and they run their checks and say all is good.

    No VPN. I am not entirely sure what you mean by "capping Traffic"?

    But at 75 mbps should be 2 or 3 times speed that is needed. I have contacted my ISP and they tell me they will never throttle back or block usage from sites. I pay for 75mbps and they say they want to make sure I get what I am paying for that's why I regularly see speeds of 85-88 mbps.

    I have a new service that has 4K content and I am getting buffering at times but not all the time. It can play for 30 minutes fine then buffer constantly for 5-10 minutes then clear up and play normal for awhile. I have several different other services/subs with no buffering and this newest one with the 4K plays fine on everything but the 4k content.

    I have downloaded and tried other players as advised by the seller (VLC and A player both from Google Play).

    My Z7+ is connect via a ethernet cable and I have 75-80 mbps download as confirmed with speed app on the Z7. No one else in the house is using the internet. Box has the most recent update. Tried all the decoders, Native,Hardware,Software etc. Cleared cache. Z7 memory is about half used. Tried using the app specific for the service and also xciptv app.

    The 4K content is a VOD service so it's movies. The seller is using the same service with 4 Amazon 4K Firesticks in his own house without any issues. He says "It is 100% with your set-up somewhere". Well I am not the most tech savvy person out there and I don't know what else to do?:?:

    Ok I don't know how you put the screen picture on your post but I was going by my memory on my last post.

    I have just turned my box on and on the same screen as you show above while on the" Playlist" I have

    Portal nickname + edit portal

    M3U playlist Portal URL

    M3U VOD list Portal URL

    I am not sure why yours is not showing the same.

    I have 5 "+ Edit Portal" that all show the login info shown in your post above.

    Not sure if this helps but it seems like you are missing the proper screen while in the Playlist.

    You could delete the app and try re installing it and see if that does anything. I am not too much of an expert

    on this stuff. Sure would be nice to get some other replies to help you out................................

    I never did get mine to work but I can help you I think.

    Re: your screen shot.

    Get over to the "Playlist" and scroll up or down. You should see another portal and when you open it you will see m3u and the

    place to enter your info. Like I said I never did get mine to work and my reseller doesn't seem to want to help me with this

    or anything so I am moving to another once this one expires.

    Let us know if you get it to work.

    Yes, if you are using MAC then you will get that checkbox for password eventhough most providers will tell you that you do not have to use a login as thats why you provide your MAC of the Formuler to them.. There should not be a checkbox for password on the M3U portal as your UID and PWD are in the M3U Url itself. So there should be 5 places for MAC and 1 for Playlist within MTO.

    Yes you are probably right. I most likely saw that option in the regular Mac portals.Just not home this week to verify.

    Regarding the guide, I see some issues as well, so I’m guessing there are still some bugs to be ironed out.

    When you say it works on perfectplayer, I assume you have Perfect player installed on your z7+ and you’re trying it from there?

    ps if you have an android device in the house, install Air Sync Remote Z app to help type stuff into Z7+. Makes quick work of long URLs.

    Yes I have the Perfect Player App installed on the z7. I have one of those mini wireless keyboards to type the long url's with.

    I remember I think that in mytvonline wasn't there a check box that says "None" for a password? Sorry I am away from home for the next week so not in front of the z7 Anyway maybe this box has to be checked for it to work?

    Ok, so as someone above said, only one of the portals will work with M3U. Use the portal which asks for a M3U playlist, a M3U VOD List, and XML TV EPG. Only one of the portals will be asking for all three of these. Note: you can leave the VOD one blank.

    Now, in the M3U playlist and XML TV EPG field, you need to make sure you’re typing in the full, looooong two URLs you would have gotten from your IPTV provider. These URLs need to contain your username and password.

    Good luck!

    Very good post. Thanks I can understand it exactly seanns32. So I have done exactly as you have described. Yes there is only one portal that has all 3 m3u spots as mentioned. One for the playlist, one for the VOD and one for the guide. I have entered them in the exact same way as I do on perfect player but it won't connect. I know the importance of having to get it exactly correct or it won't work but I have double and triple and then some re checked the info as entered. I am wondering if there is a problem with my Z7+ as currently the wifi will not connect to any wifi. I even tried to use my smart phone as a wifi hot spot and I can see all the networks but it won't connect to any. It use to work but stopped some months ago so now I have it hard wired to my router/modem. I am wondering if it not connecting in mytvonline is a similar problem with this box? I also have other issues that I have reported to my provders but they cannot explain or duplicate them. I get guide issues where one day the guide will work and the next it wo't and this problem is with 2 different subs.

    ok I am not sure if I am understanding you. I can only have 1 m3u url. Ok that is all I am trying to do. I did enter it in the m3u portal so I got that right so far.

    As far as how to enter the url? You are saying that I have to enter it without the user and password?

    The previous poster ffonseca said not to break the url up only enter it as is.

    "you have to provide your MAC oto your provider" I thought the whole purpose of using m3u was so you didn't have to provide a Mac address?