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    Well there are settings on MX player that seem to work for most audio, I'm finding that I am constantly having to search for them and change settings before watching different files. Is there a setting that will make the process automatic regardless of the type of file I am attempting to stream? The z8 default player will do this but of course it will not but Mark the spot where you left off when watching something

    I think this relates to the new update. Basically the ability to turn volume up and down works for some channels but not others with same provider. For those channels where it doesn't work I can mute the channel by turning volume down as far as it goes. But cannot adjust volume on these channels if that makes sense. I've run into this in the past a little and adjusting Android sound settings has always fixed it but not this time

    Recordings work fine, but when trying to fast forward having set the jump interval I noticed that things don't always work correctly. It just gives me the option to go 2 x all the way up to 16x faster but not at the selected jump intervalsblike catch up

    I think the issue of data useage when box turned off was fixed in last update but I just want to clarify. If you turn box off without closing mytvonline 2, will the Z8 be streaming in the background? Obviously putting into sleep or standby mode is very convenient as channels play as soon as it goes back on. But I just want to check that my ISP is not seeing any useage

    Since since the update I have been experiencing random disconnects of ethernet connection on Z8. Did not happen before the update period when box rebooted, it will reconnect.Any ideas?

    Has has anybody else experienced random dropouts from portal using Mac? It happened a couple of times before the update so I don't think it is related to the beta update of a couple of days ago. Seems to happen when the box has been on for a while. connects to the portal and guid and menu show but no channels play. Today, I saw an orange light during boot up on the box which I have not noticed before. Any idea what this might mean? After I unplugged for 15 minutes and tried again everything was fine

    Upfate failed. It seemed to download the update but when I try to open the app all I get is the gray screen telling me that my software for my TV online 2 to is up to date. It will not open the app. Please advise on how to proceed I'm really hoping that I do not have to do a factory reset

    Yes. My download speeds even on local service with note always seem to be tapped out in the mid to late 20 s when using the app. and a server 50 miles aeay. My speed is 400/20- quite a loss. I've experimented with lots of different servers