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    When"Playback Limit" is controlled by the service provider , the menu option disappears. If the server is not controlling the playback limit , the menu option is visible and can be changed by the user. This is the answer i get.

    Habe inzwischen mehrere Versionen ausprobiert, leider läuft keine von denen. Liegt an dem Sky block und der Unterstützung nur der von Sky freigegebenen Geräten, leider.

    Habe aber eine Anleitung gefunden die evtl. auf der Formuler Box funktionieren könnte auch wenn nur für Amazon Stick erstellt (nicht ausprobiert), bitte testen ->

    To make it short. Teleporting from Android to IOS platform can be only outsourced to other programmer and this is costs dependent. For now are very small nb. of User with requesting IOS App. How ever, it`s on the list and i hope in future also teleported.

    Beta Test for next Update is already in progress. Since few days is the Beta in Beta Test Group on Forum announced but until now we didn`t get any feedback from testers! So many want some changes and fixes then absolutely no feedbacks from them, strange.

    Such smaller parts like extender are always produced and tested from other sub-manufactures. For all manufacturer it`s normal to use many different parts from others. The Quality Management from this sub manufacturer is something else and mistakes in QM and production can always happen. Some charges can also be faulty if worker not tested correctly.

    Please contact your seller and use warranty, let him replace the faulty extender.

    1. For SD Cards: 256GB (Gigabytes) is the maximum supported size on Formuler Android-based products. USB Sticks and HDD's of course much more.

    2. Yes, it should record even in sleep mode.

    - Is it possible to watch 4k videos on YouTube and Netflix using the Z7+ ?

    - YouTube in 4k: Yes, with App higher then 2.0. You can find it on Market.

    - Netflix in 4K: No, because only free Widevine L3 in use, for 4K you need L1 . Netflix don`t want to support smaller Manufacturer with L1 like Formuler.

    - Dolby, DTS, RAW 5.1- 7.1 with external codecs. ATMOS and DTS X, no. It`s also dependent from used Apps and AVR.