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    Bitte den Provider kontaktieren, wenn von deiner Seite keine Updates durchgeführt wurden. Es ging ja davor, also sollte es nicht an der Box liegen. Evtl. den account beim Provider refreshen und erneut testen. Kommt ab und zu bei den Usern, bisher war es immer der Provider.

    MyTVonline App ist nach der Ersteinrichtung nicht Installiert? Sorry, kann das nicht glauben. Bitte mach ein Screenshot von Hauptmenü, dort wo alle Installierten Apps angezeigt werden.

    He should tell us if he use Provider box, if so, then is this box already branded and the settings changed from provider. Most of them cut many settings inside the box, so the provider have full control over the box. Retail boxes works normal.

    Hi Jazz,

    bitte ein bisschen abwarten bis jemand Zeit hat dir zu Antworten, wir sitzen nicht alle andauernd vor dem PC ;)

    Zu deiner Frage.

    Was ist genau passiert zwischen dem Zeitpunkt als es ging und als es aufgehört hat? Hast du an der Box bzw. Software etwas verändert? Was genau ist in Benutzung: Portal/MAC, XC oder M3U?

    Ive still not got an series info, would be good to link this up to

    This will come in one of future updates, then should all Series and VOD have detailed description. Known from Kodi.

    - VOD Youtube trailers

    - VOD/TV Series TMDB integration


    I tested roughly, with Z8, Z7+ and two iptv apps your sub., all of them show same like in Z8, so it is definitively your provider.

    The App: Prefect Player IPTV app shows always in left corner vod or series icon, if exist. In your case only two groups have icons (All VOD Movies with same picture), all other Groups with empty icons. Sorry to say but in this case is the issue not Z8, it is your provider.


    1. Contacted distributor about the wrong description in picture, mistakes can happen. All other descriptions on his site are ok and the specs in Z8 folder are also ok and true. To say it`s big lie is not fair, you as customer should read all specs before buy some product.

    2. Compared to Z7+ have z8 exclusive Mytvonline 2, Ethernet GB Port and fast 5G Wifi.

    3. Android 8 was planed at beginning, but developers found many issues on Android 8 and launched the box with Android 7. If this will come or not i can`t tell you now because i don`t know.

    Formuler Announcements

    Formuler Z8 beta software released
    Download and install at your own risk.

    Firmware Version : v1.4.6
    MYTVOnline 2 : v7.0.6

    Change Log
    [MOL2] FIX: TV Series > "data loading fail" error
    [MOL2] FIX: TV Series > Episode list not displayed
    [MOL2] FIX: VOD > Posters don't display
    [MOL2] FIX: VOD > list is empty
    [MOL2] FIX: Portal crashes while loading
    [MOL2] FIX: xtream-editor > xmltv EPG not downloading
    [MOL2] FIX: M3U > xmltv EPG default time offset not correct
    [MOL2] FIX: Channel Name display bug
    [MOL2] FIX: Classic Channel List > Group change bug
    [MOL2] FIX: Detail EPG info not displayed
    [MOL2] FIX: Live > Info Bar > Channel Name cut-off
    [MOL2] FIX: Channel icons not displayed
    [MOL2] FIX: Favorite button doesn't display favorites group
    [MOL2] ADD: Change group from Grid EPG

    More fixes and new features will be added in the official March software release.

    Known issues with Beta firmware:
    Display area gets reset. Please re-set your Display area from the Android Settings > Display menu