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    Catchup doesnt`t work yet with m3u playlist and MOL2, maybe in future. Until then create XC Api Portal with your m3u data, this offers catchup/Cloud Timeshift.

    Could you please save your current channel list on usb stick and delete on S Mini, start new channel search and then try again. Next step would be factory reset.

    You wrote that already in first post. I`m asking about your set system language and MOL2 language on GTV? Change both to English and try again, my GTV shows the trailers.

    Some TV power save settings activated? Must correct me, i remember long time ago had someone almost same issue and at end it was some TV power setting. Unfortunately he didn`t posted the solution.

    Check also the CEC Settings on TV and Formuler F1.

    Record one channel, watch another channel for multi-connection XC portals, what means this exactly?

    This means, your provider XC Api subscription need to have at least two lines/connections to record one channel and watch another channel. With one single line this not work.Once again, Xtreme Codes Api (XC Api) connection with two included lines/connections works and with single subscription line not.

    Nice XC Api works, what is with MAC/ID Stalker portal connection?

    With Stalker subscription is recording and watching not possible. Stalker use always one single line/connection for iptv and registered MAC/ID address.Means, if you want to use this feature with your box, then you need to speak with your provider and change to XC Api connection.

    Does it works with M3U Playlist?

    Yes it works also with M3U playlist, but you should first speak with your provider if you allowed to use this feature with single or need two lines at same time for M3U playlist.

    The user assumes any risk of ban in this case! This depends fully from your provider and permission. Formuler is not responsible for any bans in this case. Pleas check this first with your provider before you use this feature with your m3u playlist.

    Is merge possible?

    2x XC Api merge is not possible. This MOL2 feature use only XC Api subscription with included multi lines/connections. Some provider give users the possibility to have up to 5 lines/connections in one XC subscription. Depends all from provider. Some supports this and others don`t want to activate this option.

    Do like in this how to and epg should load, of course fulfil with data from your existing url.

    If you get M3U URL from your Provider this could look like in this example: ""

    EPG XML URL should look like in this example: "".

    Many users don`t get the EPG URL from Provider, now you can build by your self the EPG URL and insert into Mytvonline.

    Just change following bold positions with included from your existing M3U URL: