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    Yes. Create in root of your stick the folder "M3U" , ,copy your m3u file inside and choose under connections the real path to this file. Thats all.

    There are also other homepages with easy2boot for linux, download and description. It was first site i found on google. Should be alternative for rufus.

    Formuler S Series beta software released.

    Firmware Version : 1.6.53 BETA

    MYTVOnline : 1.9.78 BETA


    Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Please keep in mind, this is Beta and could have also bugs or act unstable, it is for testing and not for productive use 24h with the box.

    If you don`t want to test, please wait until official comes out. No Forum support in other threads if beta is in use, beta issues should be discussed only in this thread.

    HowTo Install:

    Home Menu -> Software Update -> press "0227" -> Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) -> Press Red Button -> Now is the Firmware and Software shown, press now "OK" button for install.

    The install process and reboot works automatically! Please don`t turn off the box or plug out the power supply, could damage the box. The reboot after update needs always much more time then usual, please be patient and let the box finish the install.

    Formuler S-Series Software Update v1.6.53 (r19805) BETA


    • ADD : C-BAND LNB 5150/5750 for single solution LNB's
    • ADD : Multi satellite scan feature
    • ADD : Weather widget Revised
    • ADD : Weather search by city name
    • ADD : File Manager, Delete Rename option
    • ADD : While scanning satellite will show name of satellite
    • ADD : Bluetooth and power mode shortcuts added to main menu
    • IMP : File playlist browse, delete options
    • FIX : Bluetooth connectivity issues
    • FIX : Pause video in timeshift shows Service Error
    • FIX : TTX subtitle of IP channels not working
    • FIX : Device crashes when T2 signal is low
    • FIX : Force closing of certain APK
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

    MOL 1.9.78 (r2327)

    • IMP : Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info
    • FIX : Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals
    • FIX : Episode playback issue on certain portals
    • FIX : Crashing issue when switching portals
    • FIX : Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated
    • FIX : Page scrolling issue in TV Series section
    • FIX : xmltv EPG parsing issue
    • FIX : Cell overlap issue in Program Guide
    • FIX : HLS VOD playback issue
    • FIX : Group Channel Numbering preference changes after applying Installer Mode config
    • FIX : Recording stops if stream buffers
    • FIX : m3u channel parsing issue
    • FIX : TV Series playback/seek issue
    • FIX : Favorite channels disappear when using Xtream Codes API
    • FIX : Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF
    • FIX : HLS streams don't auto-recover after network instability
    • FIX : No sound issue when returns to SAT channel from mytvonline by IP/SAT button on RCU
    • FIX : Image retention issue after closing mytvonline and returning to SAT channel

    Your question was answered in Support Ticket already! Please understand, you don`t have Plug n Play Tuner, it is fixed and need to be replaced trough repair from distributor in Russia. This box was made only for Russian market, like you know. Formuler does n`t sale extra such trough manufacturing included tuner. Only repair services can change this.