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    Can you give me your SW version number?
    Normal way should be-> insert the Wifi Wireless USB adapter into USB -> restart the box ->menue->Manager->Android->wifi-> first activate wifi and then chose your AP-> WPA key and connect.
    If you can`t activate then is your Wifi USB Adapter not inserted properly into USB port or not recognised from Android. In both cases you need to reboot again.

    Hab gerade alles überprüft, sehe keine fehler. Bitte einmal den cache des Browsers und evtl. den Cookie löschen dann neu ansteuern.

    Prüf bitte noch einmal deine Videoeinstellungen unter Android, Auflösung etc. Alle 5 sec. ein Blackscreen ist ungewöhnlich, dann auch nur in einer App.

    Like already written, is forwarded to Formuler and should be fixed in next update/updates ;) Affects all Z Boxes.

    New Update...
    Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime / Formuler Z / Formuler Z+

    • MYTVOnline Hotfix Release - v1.7.4

    A hotfix for MYTVOnline will be released today to improve the performance of the new Channel Search feature.
    Channels can now be searched for by Channel Name regardless of the current channel group/category selected.
    Press the GREEN key to access the Channel Search Function.

    Reboot your device to receive the automatic OTA update.

    Nobody hide anything, you can see and use what you get delivered. Updates works very well and at end its Formuler decision how they deliver Firmware. OTA means Over-the-Air Update and not with USB Stick! Nobody did tell there will be USB Firmware so i don´t understand what is your problem...
    Something to request, not get immediately, then to say its suspicious and you will write or report bad against Formuler, don`t need more words! And i say this like privat person, not as Admin or in name of Formuler. What you try is blackmailing and this is not acceptable!

    Thread closed!

    The OTA Firmware update is not bigger then 200mb and comes only 1x at Month, i think this should not be so big problem? If i can ask you, where do you come from and what kind of connection do you have?

    Since today is new Firmware out. Please update your Box and tell us if the problem with slow EPG gone, if not, please open right Thread (with this issue) in your Box section.
    This Thread should be only for discussion about coming Formuler Z7+. Thank you for understanding.

    New Update...
    Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime / Formuler Z+ / Formuler Z

    • Firmware Version: 2.7.76
    • MYTVOnline Version: 1.7.0

    The long awaited Formuler Z-Series September update has been released over the network for all users.
    Proving again the dominance of the Formuler system solution, we have integrated advanced USB PVR and TimeShifting into MYTVOnline.

    Users can now pause and rewind Live TV! The unique Formuler solution allows for smooth Fast-Forwarding as well as up-to 16x Fast-Forward & Rewind speeds. Replay your favorite moments at-will.
    Use the PVR buttons on your RCU to use the new TimeShift functions.

    Be on the lookout for slow-motion playback in the next Formuler Z-Series update.
    Reboot your device now to receive the automatic OTA updates.

    Release Notes