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    Thanks everyone that replied to this thread. I feel confident that I am doing everything right now.

    Hopefully with a little more playing around I'll get it working.

    The more you play the better you will get. Take some risks and just play around.. If you happen to mess something up you can always factory reset the box. Glad you ae feeling better about navigating and adding an M3U to the box.

    Yes I have the Perfect Player App installed on the z7. I have one of those mini wireless keyboards to type the long url's with.

    I remember I think that in mytvonline wasn't there a check box that says "None" for a password? Sorry I am away from home for the next week so not in front of the z7 Anyway maybe this box has to be checked for it to work?

    Yes, if you are using MAC then you will get that checkbox for password eventhough most providers will tell you that you do not have to use a login as thats why you provide your MAC of the Formuler to them.. There should not be a checkbox for password on the M3U portal as your UID and PWD are in the M3U Url itself. So there should be 5 places for MAC and 1 for Playlist within MTO.

    Ok, so as someone above said, only one of the portals will work with M3U. Use the portal which asks for a M3U playlist, a M3U VOD List, and XML TV EPG. Only one of the portals will be asking for all three of these. Note: you can leave the VOD one blank.

    Now, in the M3U playlist and XML TV EPG field, you need to make sure you’re typing in the full, looooong two URLs you would have gotten from your IPTV provider. These URLs need to contain your username and password.

    Good luck!

    Well said brotha...

    i guess, the thread starter was meaning S-Turbo box and normal DVB Channel list which you can edit trough box and with c-tech editor. All infos can be found in S-Turbo Instruction thread .


    Spyder Tech329 means with sub= (subscription) or IPTV portal account for use with MOL (MYTVOnline) or other IPTV Apps.

    Spot on SAM!!!!

    Depending on what sub you have you can use Xtreme-Editor. As not all subs use Xtreme Codes. Other than that I am not sure how else you can get this completed. I use Extreme-Editor and its cheap and works amazing.

    What are you seeing when you are trying to search? The search function works on my box using Terarrium. I just put in "stra" and it came back with Stranger Things which is what I was trying to search.

    Unfotrunetly after the update my EPG was stlil slow. I did not want to fatory rest but, I did anyway and it seemed to have resolved the slowness. Its PITA but, well worth doing.

    I think the problem is not so much the MOL app but the network adapter issues. Setting a static ip seems to solve the buffering issues for my z7+ boxes. Every time you reboot the box, you must go into the settings and do a manual set of the ip again or the random network drops occur causing buffering and disconnects. Here's a test, reboot the box and do 10 speed tests with the speed test app from the formuler market while recording the results. Set a static ip manually from the settings and preform the tests again. My results show a swing from 94 down to 2 before setting the ip manually. After setting the ip manually, all tests show 90+.

    If you dont want to put the IP in everytime you reboot you could always setup DHCP reservation.. This is they way I have it setup, set the Formuler to DHCP but, assign the MAC in the router to an IP address. Such less hassel than adding the IP everytime.

    I have zero issues with my wired connection. I have 1GB speed and pull 97MBPS ever test I run. I can deal with a 3MPBS shortage. I read in another thread so I will pass this on, if you are using a Cat 6 cable try changing it to Cat 5E.

    I have it running but, on a windows box and have no issues connecting or playing on th ez7+.. I am not a big fan of the plex android app though. The one thing my old Roku is good for is playing Plex.

    Well, that would explain why I cant connect to the 5G but, I thought the US version came with 5G. I guess I read that wrong. As far as the speeds, I fully understand what you are saying and its not that I am not happy with the performance I was just thinking why not use the bandwidth if I have it. I might pickup the Anker just to play with it as its pretty cheap.

    Again, thanks for the detailed response.