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    I have know multiple users with black screen issues on z8 devices and zx 5g...

    i have sevaral boxes with the same issue portal connects you see the channels and black screen now... verry sad about the issue alot of user effected

    Audio optimizer V1.0.5 installs on device but if i try to run audio optimizer crashes.. tried 2 new devices still same issue also after factory reset

    Catchup is messed up loads verry slow also says wanna start cloudshifting i normally never get that question..., normally i click it plays now stays loading also if you shift forward continue loading normally shit forward and starts.. catchup jumps van start to end out of nothing...

    Also epg loads slow


    I have a issue maybe it is solved simple, the issue is if i play catch up or vod and i fast forward it goes 10 minutes front rather then the much i want. anyone a idea.. thnx

    in the morning i had 5 users that where connected but no live tv and no vod. All have the same device, i thought first it was a isp block. But they have different isp providers i tested it it works.. a hour later everything works fine for all the 5 users at the sime time no issues anymore.. no i have still one user that has an issue live tv works fine but no vod i test his line and i see vod..

    checked on another device and i see the vod.. latest update also not fixed it.


    It is not strange, we know very well it was provider changed settings cause for this behavior! Now he changed back and it works again.... :rolleyes:

    Sam i think so, they keep saying we did nothing.. but i believe you