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    Actually I just checked, the "device restart" we see (Including Android and Z8 logo screens!) when viewing something in MOL2 is not a real restart.

    After such a crash which happened just now I went to: Settings > About > Status

    And it still showed an uptime of 32 minutes!

    Exactly the same problem. Uptime was 3 hours.

    Do you only see the issue with 4K channels. I also have the issue with HD channels.

    For my Z8 it makes a difference how I shutdown the box. I never use the standby function anymore.

    What happens if you, after a crash, do one more real restart (not via standby), and then start a MOL2 channel? Does that change the uptime of the box?I

    The problem was only on uhd TV channels and movies. Not by fhd. I don't use the standby option.

    Then execute the app again and restart the box.

    If I say I have downloaded the latest version from audio optimizer. So I Mean I have already excute the app and restarted the box. But the problem it's still the same. About 60 minutes and booom.

    I have the same problem.

    I can watch a 4k movie around 60 minutes. And after this the box will restart. I have the problem with 4k TV channels and 4k movies from emby.

    I have installed the audio optimizer but I have still the problem.

    Before the big update everything was OK..

    I see the button. But if I push the bottom. I became the erro massage.

    . Pls try again later. I have the catch up service by my Provider . And it's works fine but not the cloud timeshift.

    In the m3u link you have your Password and username.

    Maybe you should try it. Under the portal and then you give the m3u address without the pw and username. And now u give the password and username. Maybe it works?

    Hallo Mister,

    Was hast du jetzt genau geändert? Ich habe Ton Aussetzer und weiß nicht woran das liegen kann, vielleicht kannst du mir einen Tipp geben?


    Also in der Ton Einstellung unter Experteneinstellung und dann auf automatische Lautstärkenreglung /Anpassung ausschalten . Evtl hilft dir das weiter.