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    So, the API portal crash turns out to be a bigger problem. My account was banned while using it as if I had tried to make multiple connections on a single connection sub, even though it was only running on the Z7+, no other devices. This was previously an issue with the API portals.

    Been testing the beta for about an hour now, here are my thoughts...

    1) Almost all portals I have tried have downloaded EPG very quickly! Stalker portals, API portals and m3u with xml have all worked exactly as designed!

    2) The only exception was the Xtream-Editor MAG portal will still only download one page at a time.

    3) XE merged playlists also won't load EPG within the m3u portal, but this and the XE MAG issue are minor problems.

    4) I love the "EPG downloading" icon in the m3u portal! That would be an awesome addition to the other portals so we knew when the EPG download was complete!

    5) I had one crash while in an API portal but that could have been from me changing portals so many times and playing with so many settings its not that surprising, but I will keep an eye on it and see if it happens again.

    I will update with any other findings as I play with it, but I can honestly say that this is EXACTLY what everyone has been wanting from this box since it came out!! Fantastic job by the Formuler team!!

    Buffering can be caused by many issues. First of all, check your connection and speeds. If you are using wifi, I suggest not doing that. Hardwire the box to your modem or router. Secondly, we would need to know what speed you are getting to the box, especially if you are on wifi. Use the Speedtest app in the market. Lastly, check with other people who are using your provider and find out if they have similar buffering issues.

    Islander yes I tried the beta version it wasn't much better EPG is no good. My current sub runs out next month so maybe try something else like Vader to see if the EPG is any better

    I have no idea why, but Vader seems to be the only service I have tried where EPG works perfectly.

    Not sure what you are asking. If you bought a Z7+ it was presumably to use the MyTVOnline app for watching IPTV. Its the whole reason for buying the box!

    If its not already installed on the box...and it should be...just download it from the market. The open it and send the MAC address to your reseller. Wait for them to tell you its been activated and they will send you a URL to enter into the portal. Then watch TV.

    they may sell lots in google play store but the sell of formuler boxes will go down.

    And that's the rub, isn't it?

    Make the APK available to the masses and lose box sales. Do you want to be a software developer only or a hardware developer that creates their own proprietary software. I think we all know what Formuler has chosen.

    What speeds you getting from your box me I can not get above 95mbps

    The box is limited to 100mb/s as that's all the ethernet port is rated for. Do you have a need for more than that? There is an adapter that can be purchased to get up to gigabit speeds but I have yet to understand the need for it.

    I have found that some providers FHD channels work better than others. I had the same issue with one provider, yet not another. Both providers worked flawlessly with another watching method but one struggled on the Z7 while the other worked perfectly. I don’t know why.

    Could be an encoding issue where the default player for the Z7 doesn’t work well with this streams? Maybe try another service and see if its better for you.

    Thanks @seanns32 and SAM .

    I am using Ethernet connection with Z7+ and have no issues. The only reason, I want to use gigabit hub to take advantage of my gigabit speed when using a VPN. I am not sure whether it will help to get better speed or not as VPN's are very slow (using Windows based computers). I have VPN with lifetime subscription and want to use it on Z7+. Any comment please. Thanks.

    That's actually a valid question. I don't use a VPN, so I don't know exactly how they work. My understanding is that you will always be limited by the VPN server, so logically it would follow that the speed you are achieving without a VPN would not matter as long as it was more than the VPN would generate. So, if you were getting 100 mb/s without VPN and the VPN slowed it to 30 mb/s, it wouldn't matter if you were getting 1000 mb/s without the VPN, it would still be slowed to 30 mb/s. At least, logically, that's how I see it. I don't believe a VPN diminishes your speed as a percentage of what's available, I think its whatever limit is on that server at that time.

    Perhaps someone with a better understanding of VPNs could chime in?

    I'm hardwired into the EU version of the box with a 120mb/s connection that I can verify via wifi on my phone. I have never gotten anywhere near that speed while testing on the box (I think 60 mb/s is about the max I've gotten), nor do I need it. I have no idea why anyone would spend money on a Gigabit adapter for this box. Its pointless. If you are getting a consistent 20-30 mb/s+ on the box through a LAN connection, you have more than enough speed to watch whatever you want. I suppose you could download apps a bit faster but I've never had an app take more than a few seconds to download as it is.

    Now, if we are talking about wifi, I can understand wanting to have the wifi dongle to ensure that you are getting the strongest, most consistent signal available to you. I have a Z Nano that I use in the basement on wifi and I've never had an issue with the internal wifi, but its also a TV that I only watch occasionally. If my main TV was on wifi, I would probably buy the dongle to be sure I was getting a strong, consistent signal.

    So until the EPG is pulled in the next update, do we just get zero EPG if we sign-in to MYTVONLINE the new way (via username & password), or is it just slow to pull in?

    m3u has no EPG support at all.

    XC API portals (username/password) will load the EPG the old fashioned way one page at a time. The new EPG Puller doesn't work with them yet. Haven't tested the official release, but in the Beta the API portals also usually required you to set the EPG to UTC in your settings or the time would be off. May have been fixed with official release?

    Interesting. I used to use Kodi quite a bit on the box specifically for VOD. VOD in MOL is a nightmare to find anything in, so I preferred the kodi plugin for one particular provider for finding, and watching, their VOD. Then they came out with APK that was a nicer interface for VOD so I use that now and haven't used kodi in a couple of months. In fact, pretty sure I deleted it from my box.

    When I was using it, I never had any serious issues with it, so I'm thinking it must be a compatibility issue with the new firmware. Hopefully the stable full release will address that issue.

    Thank you for the answers but "soon" means nothing for me and my customers.
    I've bought 40 devices and maybe more "soon".
    I need more than "soon". Customers deserve better than "soon" as an answer. they want their séries.
    Thank you.

    Why are you being a dick?

    nobody held a gun to your head to make you buy 40 boxes. They are working on the issues. If thats not good enough, learn to write code and fix them yourself. Seriously, it boggles my mind the entitled BS that comes from some people! Buying a product does not give you the right to demand it works the way you want it to!

    Last time I checked this was an iPTV box and it plays IPTV just fine. All this other stuff...TV series, periphery. It’ll work when they make it work.

    I think the update is for the z7+. Does anyone know if theres any beta software on the horizon for the S series?

    Once released, the update will be available for all Z receivers for sure and I would imagine a similar release would go to the S series receivers if they are having a similar issue.

    I've holding back for about a month before i go and buy one of these boxes, but, the more i read on here about this box, the more i'm being put off buying it, as ive never had a androids box before, some on the issue i read about, seem a bit daunting, not switching on seems a very basic action for it to be giving issues, But will read on.......

    I have purchased 5 of these boxes now for myself and family and friends. None of them have had an issue with not powering on. There is a glitch about not coming out of standby that is corrected by setting the box to actually power off instead of going into standby. Formuler has also apparently fixed this issue in their current Beta that should be release in the next week or two to the public.

    As with any piece of technology, there will always be lemons. I've read about a few people getting the box and it never properly operates. I've seen the same thing with any device, but its a pretty rare issue.

    If you are planning to buy any type of android box with the intention of watching IPTV, you would be hard pressed to find one better equipped than the Z7+ in my opinion.

    As Sam suggested, just unplug it and plug it back in. From standby there is a known issue with it not powering back on and its being worked in in the current Beta. For now, set your box to Power Off instead of Standby in your settings menu to avoid this issue until the next update.

    Unplug it and plug it back in.

    If you have it set to power off to Standby this is a known issue that is being solved in the current Beta. For now, set it to fully power off when you press the power button.