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    Would be nice if in the future the Formuler Android boxes would run on Android TV OS instead of a modified Android phone OS. This would improve the quality and the user experience of the boxes significantly! It would also allow people to use Netflix like it is intended to be used!

    How do you guys feel about this?

    Tried again today with firmware 1.2.6 on the box. I can install the newest Megabox HD from the website. The app does start, but it seems like the top bar, where you can choose and search doesn’t work. Is there a possibility to add a workkng version to the mymarket app or to get a fix for this?

    Tried installing the Megabox HD app on the Z7+, but can’t seem to get it to work properly. Any fixes for this one coming soon? Or any fixes coming so you can install apps and get them to work like on any other Android box?

    Received my Z7+ today. Been using a cheap Chinese Android box untill now and was hoping for an upgrade by buying the Z7+. Got the same firmware upgrade problems, so I can’t use the MYTVOnline function. This was actually one of the reasons of buying this box. Installed the Megabox HD app, but this app also doesn’t work very well on the Z7+.