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    The HLS setting on the boxes is what you’re looking for, it alters the buffer depending on stream rates... but support must be provided by your provider. Not many support it.

    Thanks guys

    Basically all of my portal options contain the same empty fields.

    I don’t have m3u settings in any of them.

    I am using an S Mini, could that be the issue !?

    Is it possible the m3u settings came in a subsequent update that only the Z7 boxes have received !?

    Sam ? Any thoughts ?

    Are there any tweaks that can be implemented that will allow the Android TV Remote App on iOS to work a Formuler S Mini ?

    I don’t understand why it doesn’t simply work out of the box ?

    When are we likely to see a remote app for our Formuler boxes for use on iOS iPhone and iPad ?

    I would love to see this feature, my box supplies a feed to several TVs and the ability to control it remotely would be great 👍

    I abandoned the satellite side of things on my mini.

    The IPTV works good enough.

    If we could mix both together I would revisit it.

    I used to use a Zgemma box and could use IPTV channels alongside the dish received channels. Creating a custom bouquet that had both types of channel in the same list

    You and me both....

    Do not hold your breath for any support or for any update to come soon.

    1 week and not a single reply !

    The lack of support for this box is worthless.

    I am thankfully techsavvy and able to resolve the many issues I’ve had.

    BUT as you can see I am probably the only person that visits this forum.

    The Z7+ appears to get more support but possibly has more problems... who knows. !?

    I am continually factory resetting this box.

    The app MYTV Online app is really good. But the hardware is still troublesome.

    With no apparent support isn’t he way of regular updates.

    It’s almost as if there’s one developer behind the company and that’s why updates are so slow I’m appearing.

    I know this has been mentioned before but it still hasn’t been resolved.

    My S Mini box regularly refuses to come from standby.

    The only way to get it started is to disconnect the mains and then it reboots.

    A new thing happened this morning where the above process would work, the. I’d would restart to the main menu page. But would immediately switch to a black screen after 2 seconds and would not do anything further.

    Only solution was a full factory reset.

    The S Mini is without doubt the poor unloved relation of the Z7+ this forum receives almost zero interest and certainly lacks any community spirit.

    Do a factory reset

    Unplug mains power from box

    Point remote at box

    Repeatedly press red button in remote

    Plug mains in at same time as pressing red button

    Box will power up

    Power light will flash amber/green or similar colours

    Press 1 button on remote and wait

    Box will restart but settings will be back to new

    Good luck

    The channel manager is for the DVB received channels. I don’t think you can edit Iptv received channel ordering.

    You can use the favourite bouquet option within mytvonline app

    My S Mini has a peculiar bug.

    Certain files from VOD insist in going full screen using the FIT profile. But looked awkwardly stretched.

    Switching screen format keeps the formatting for the duration of watching that VOd file but switching away to another and then back resets the format to FIT.

    Watching the files on other platforms ie. STB Emu plays the file as it should with the picture being displayed in proper 16:9.

    Any suggestions out there ?