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    I have got the same problem.. Loads to 100% and a few seconds later the z8 automatically restarts. Many tries later still the same. Watching is not possible. Any solutions?

    Any chance of a reply here guys?

    At this stage it is obviously an issue with mytvonline2 or the firmware, is there a recommended firmware to change to, or is there a way to rollback mytvonline2 updates, or anything?

    Since no one takes care about this issue and we dont even get a respond, I think they want us to sell our formuler z8 box and buy one from another provider. They know there are alot of people having this problem (just look how much threads there are), but they pretend like it has nothing to do with their software or mytvonline. This is just bad support and really unacceptable.

    Since my provider told me, that other clients are not having this probIem, I start thinking, that it must be a problem with the z8 software.

    I would recommend, as Vure mentioned, that the responsible person should take care about this problem, because it is really annoying to not be able watching.

    I also had this issue a couple of days ago. Thought it was something with the Z8 but no, it was providers side.

    And what did the provider do leading you to solve the issue? Would be happy if you would tell me.


    I have two formuler z8 boxes and two registrations on two different smart tvs (provider of mine got the two different mac addresses from me and provided acces to the channels).

    From time to time the channels can not be loaded (directly goes to 10% and gets stucked there) and I get the following error message: Please check your internet connection and portal url (Code 7). Im using the MytvOnline2 App by the way.

    I noticed that whenever on one iptv box it doesnt work, simultaneously it doesnt also work on the other one. And when it works, it works on both.

    Could somebody please help me solving this problem?