Factory Reset after firmware 1.2.71 and newer

Factory Reset with firmware1.2.71 and newer.

After Firmware version 1.2.71, all Z7+/5G, Zx / 5G and Z8 / Z Alpha devices support the following reset method:

Built-in Factory Reset: Destructive

**Factory resetting the device will delete all user data and restore the system back to factory state.

Please note, timing is very important for working FR (factory reset). Try few times until FR is done successful.

  • Remove power from the device.
  • Re-insert power WHILE simultaneously rapidly pressing the red button on the remote
  • The front status light will start to blink red and green.
  • Stop pressing the red button
  • Press 1 on the remote and wait for the reset procedure to complete

This built-in method is more convenient and does not require the use of the USB file.

The USB file method also works if needed but with older firmwares (if firmware version cannot be determined)




Question: Must i do full wipe after a major update?

Answer: Factory reset can often fix any residing problems. As example, things such as Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity, interface, hardware, software and many other problems or sluggish behaviour, can often be fixed with a factory reset if the update did not resolve these issues already.

If you think that your device is running smoothly, without any hindrance after the update, a factory reset is absolutely not necessary.

I recommend this each time after big and major update, but at end should the user always decide if the invested time into FR is ok for him.

Only recommendation: Users with new boxes, should always after first setup process, install all available official updates and at end do once factory reset. After FR set the box again and install all needed apps. If all works fine, then backup (Z8/Z Alpha) on USB Stick or HDD.


Question: Does it make any difference how box works when you do it?

Answer: After factory reset are all settings, included data and apps deleted. Box need to be set fresh (setup process). All databases are reset to factory state. So, if after major update some option doesn`t work well or not at all, this could help.


Question: Is it easy to back up data on Z8 or Z Alpha so you don`t need to download all apps and edit settings again?

Answer: Sure, backup data should be done each time when you are happy with your installation. If something goes wrong you can restore your backup in few minutes. Unfortunately this helps only if you are still on same firmware version.

Means, each time you install new firmware you have to do backup again. Restoring backup data with older firmware on new updated firmware, will not work or should be not restored because of incompatibility.