Mytvonline3 - What’s New?

Mytvonline 3

What`s New?

1. Connection

  • In MOL3, it allows all registered portal(s) and playlist(s) stay connected (single connection → Multi-connection)
  • You don’t need the switching process among portals/playlists anymore.
  • In Main menu, Connection → Content Manager

2. Setup Wizard

  • Setup Wizard is a new process coming after a portal/playlist is registered. This is a Compulsory process.
  • You can hide unnecessary or uninteresting group(s) of Live TV, VOD and TV Series
  • You can also find this function in the below path:
    • Content Manager > Manage Groups > Group Category > Show & Hide Groups

3. Content Manager

  • Content manager is a multi-functional menu including manage portals, manage groups, manage favorites and data sync

  • Manage portals:
    • Add / edit / delete portals (playlists)
    • Summary information of each portal
    • Refresh data of each portal
    • Update/clear EPG of each portal
  • Manage groups:
    • Show & Hide Groups
      • Keep necessary groups shown (Make a group list short)
    • Pin shown groups (New)
      • Keep them at the top of your group list, ensuring you can access them quickly and easily
      • Pinned groups are always placed below favorite group(s)
    • New: Reorder pinned groups (New)
      • Change an order of pinned groups
  • Manage favorites:
    • Same function as the favorite group editor in MOL2
  • Data Sync:
    • Contents Data
      • Auto-refresh (New) : You can set up a time of a day
      • Manual refresh : Apply to all portals/playlists
    • EPG Data
      • Auto-update (You can set up update interval)
      • Manual update/clear EPG (Apply to all)

4. Live TV

  • The biggest change in Live is disappearance of ‘All’ group’
  • All groups from a portal(s) are listed in order
  • UI improvement of classic/normal channel list
  • Implementation of a new cursor/color theme
  • UIUX improvement in Grid EPG
    • New theme
    • Create a schedule event

5. VOD/TV Series

  • UIUX of VOD / TV series modernization
    • Newly Added Group
      • Newly added contents are listed in row by portal
    • VOD/Series logo (if available)
    • A number of trailers (if available)
    • A number of gallery (if available)
      • You can view them in a full screen mode
    • And more

6. Recordings

  • UIUX improvement
    • Group by time (New) : Day, week, month
    • Storages (New)
      • You can easily change a storage in case that more than one storage are inserted
    • Improved banner

7. Schedule

  • UIUX improvement
    • Schedule events are categorized by event types
    • Event type : Recording, Reminder, Watchlist
  • Watchlist (New)
    • Add a TV program to watchlist (like favorite function)
    • Watchlist is no alarm, no action required event

8. Search

  • In MOL3, we upgrade search to universal search which is the ability to search all contents across all data sources
  • It lets you enter a keyword and gets you search results from all categories
    • All categories refer to TV channel, TV program, VOD, TV series, radio, recordings (all connected drives) and schedule
    • You can move a tab to find search results from specific category

9. Backup & Restore

  • Backup & Restore options (New).
    • Back up and restore your settings, provider and favorite lists to external storage like USB stick.

10. Color Theme

  • Color Theme options (New).
    • Change and use your preferred colour theme .