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    Anyone know how to remove VOD history? I have a huge list and wonder if I clear it will it save hard drive space. Also how do I complete or stop a movie to its end. E.g. when end credits come on, I press exit. This then stores it in history with progress bar. Thanks.

    hi, I'm running two iptv services on the mytvonline2 app. They are like a backup to each other. If I want to watch either one I disconnect it and connect to the other. However on one of them I'm noticing that I would be one of the portals on on one channel for a long time, then when I go to change channel it wont load the channel. It's always the same portal that is connected by mac address. On one occasion I got this big grey box pop up saying system app invalid. The message was lots of mixed up characters. I restarted the box and it was fine after. But it has done it again after. Anyone had issues? Should I only have one portal on the mytvonline app and use another iptv app for the other?

    on the mytvonline2 app, I find the info bar at bottom after channel change annoying because it doesnt disappear unless I select on the channel and press ok, or exit again. Is there a way or setting that makes info bar disappear on it's own. Thanks.

    I've just bought a z8. I have an iptv source and want to know what is the best video settings for hd or FHD video. If I set it to 2180p, the picture quality becomes grainy. If I set it to 1080p 50hz the picture looks and plays as smoothly as it does on my Mg 322. Also one of the channels is showing in 4:3 format but in normal 16:9 on my mg box. Also are there any audio settings that turns off Auto Narrative. Are there any threads already opened on these issues. Thanks.