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    yup I bought I 100 pound app, minix for example make way superior hardware but now I have the old app knowing a newer better app is out there

    I've just mailed my contact at formuler. I helped test and tweak mtvol1 and it's only the last 4 months or so it's been stable. Now I need to spend 124 quid to update to the newer version which has features I and many other users suggested. Pig sick. Absolutely terrible Formuler.

    disgusting. And I was one of the people that had to put up with the months of mtvol1 being more troublesome than it was worth. 100+ pounds for a product that wasn't finished and now my device will remain as it is all for them to charge a fortune for a little extra space and some fancy graphical alterations to the iptv interface. You would never be treated like this by informir.

    I was chatting to Formuler on Facebook. It does not sound like the z7+ will get MTVOL2 which is pretty annoying as I have not long had it.

    Spoke to Formuler, z7+ not getting MTVOL2 - pretty unfair considering I only got the box last year. It's like getting a new phone on a 2 year contract just for the newer version to come out the next day! grrrrrrrr :(

    No release date yet for others. For moment exclusiv for Z8.

    Sam does this mean mtvol2 will never feature in the z7+? if so it seems harsh given how expensive they are and I was hoping to get a few years out if it before ever upgrading

    That would be awesome if you could and perhaps the option to change the background colour from black to something a bit lighter.

    Would Formuler ever consider tweaking the appearance of the EPG? For example allowing the user to choose the font size or the background colour? It would be awesome if you could have slightly smaller fonts and say a blue background colour similar to other EPG's

    Just wondering.

    I tried this and although the EPG was fine, the catchup is one program out i.e the one you select plays the one after it. I have tried offset but no joy.

    Anyone else found this?

    Hi Formuler Evangelist.

    I will video it next time it happens. Basically from "off mode" it fires up with the z7+ screen, then goes to the circles then the red light comes on and the process starts again. It does this continuously unless you rapidly press channel down over and over again. The light then goes green and the full boot sequence works.

    Do you know if they are working on a fix? It is ok when you know what you are doing but my partner for example is constantly swearing at it. I have emailed Formuler but had nothing back at all. It is 95% a good box, a much better layout than others but the unreliability is proving a bit too much.

    Hi all

    is anyone still having the problems of the Z7+ rebooting over and over again on start up? The only resolution is to rapidly tap the channel down button. Also I still have the intermittent problem of it not waking from sleep and the only resolution for that is the power chord pull. This is despite the latest firmware upgrade.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    yeah I'm using stb emu. The new official MTVOL is as bad as the day I got the box. The only difference now is the tv series sub section. And it doesn't wake up from standby now on numerous occasions. I get no response from formuler but hey they have my 100 quid. I'll never recommend these boxes to anyone.

    Yep, mine is now like it was when I got it... Only shows EPG when on a channel, it won't come out of standby unless you pull the wire, and it Buffers like mad and causes my other Minix box to buffer on the same network despite 98mbps download. I tried streaming HD with my Minix and my other cheap box and it worked fine. Totally had enough of this now, worst product ever devised for it's ridiculous price. Someone will build an app similar to MTVOL one day soon and sell it for 3 or 4 quid on the playstore. For now I am back to Minix and Mag.

    Peace out