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    hello sam,

    it´s the last update with factory reset. there are no plugs on it , just the reciever , lan and hdmi, tried it out without hdmi cable ..but still the same - if i plug on the power cable, it´s still just the red light, no picture on tv ,also tried another power cable ( i buyed more than 40 pieces of that )..nothing helps

    also tried it out with the 10 min without power plug in there a chance to do an hardware reset ?

    It takes to much time for the box to boot up if you change from STANDBY to TURN OFF. It is so much more faster to turn it on from STANDBY. In my opinion the box should be TURN OFF for example if you are not going to use the box for a couple of days, especially when you are going now on a summer vacation :thumbup: The box is set on default on STANDBY by the FORMULER TEAM so there must a reason why they made it that way. If they suggest that we change it from STANDBY to TURN OFF I will happily do so :thumbsup:

    - then pull off your Power Cable 2 Times a Day until it´s fixed with the next Update,... you´re right, that´s the better way ;) 8)

    you can fix this problem by change the power mode

    Go to

    - settings

    - then go to system

    - then switch power mode from stand by to boot down

    so the box boots down if you click one short time the STB Button, this works fine to me

    all my experience it´s not the best way to put an iptv box in stand by mode, often times the network device didnt wake up seriously

    1080p HD Stream works properly. Only 4K stream has buffering from MyTvOnline. Device is hard wired to the router. I think its an issue Mytvonline app for 4K channel streaming.

    totally agree with that...maybe solutions in the next Updates

    I have tried to disable the IPV6 firewall in the router but still buffering happens. Mostly the buffering happens for 4k streams. But the same 4k stream is working properly with Kodi using stalker app. I am not sure where the issue will be.

    Then it just can be the mytvonline App....did you ever tested the Full HD 1080 Channels on both Apps ? If its better and nothing buffers, it can only be the App. Is your Hardware wired ?

    das hat nicht mit providera zu tun hab ich Kabel 400 Mbit und puffering kommt nur wen ist IPv6 Firewall an

    Du kannst auch 1 Terraflop Letung haben, du kriegst nur das was der Server am anderen Ende liefert ...

    soweit mir bekannt ist, unterstützen die IPTV Server kein IPV6 Protokoll, daher glaube ich nicht das es was damit zu tun hat.
    sobald jemand single stack ipv6 aktiviert hat seitens des internet providers, kann er lediglich die senderliste herunterladen, nicht aber connecten, dann kommt garnichts. Nur Dual Stack ipv4/ ipv6 funktioniert.

    mit " provider "meinte ich den iptv service provider, der häufigste Fehler aller Bufferings findet sich dort.
    Es gibt meines Wissens nach nur eine Handvoll IPTV Provider die verlässlich Bandbreite liefern auch zur Prime Time oder Live Sports

    You can also have 1 Terraflop Connection, you only get what the server delivers at the other end ...

    as far as I know, the IPTV servers do not support IPV6 protocol, so I do not think it has anything to do with it.
    assoon as someone activates single stack ipv6 on the part of the internet
    provider, he can only download the sender list, but not connect, then
    nothing comes. Only dual stack ipv4 / ipv6 works.

    with "provider" I meant the iptv service provider, the most common mistake of all Bufferings is there.
    There are, to my knowledge, only a handful of IPTV providers that provide reliable bandwidth even to prime time or live sports

    Benutze den besten provider den es gibt
    50 k leitung telekom
    weder vor noch nach dem update irgendwelche buffering probleme auf 720 /1080
    etliche z7+ schon in den pfoten gehabt aber nie probleme dieser Art

    using the best iptv provider you can have
    50 k connection german telecom
    no issues before and after the update with 720 / 1080
    got lots of z7+´s in my hands, never had problems like this

    you know what, it's funny you bring this up SubCore. Before I updated to the official build, I was on Beta #3. And I remember turning on my box, booting right into MYTVONLINE, and almost instantly the whole EPG for my favourites list was populated (favorites list consist of ~45 channels). Now I'm on the latest official release, and I was using my box last night and I swear the EPG was slowww to load, almost as slow as it was on the previous official release.

    i was wondering about..but youre right,..funny thing..all in all i love my formuler and at the end of the day, its just stupid television,.so i can live with :D

    Hello , does anyone have a tut for making a firmware reset on formuler z7+ ? maybe an Image file for USB ?

    The Z7+ doesn´t start , it just boot and make an automatic restart same second it gets the homescreen.

    thx for your help


    Hello Friends, after the Update my Z7+ is running very fast and all that EPG Stuff comes at once - Great Work :thumbsup:

    Now i´ve tested a new Box with the Update and a M3u Link - Channels running perfectly but no EPG

    ...Is there any chance to put a EPG Server Link into the MYTVOnline App ?

    Or can that App download it over the Playlist Link, if it´s M3u_plus ?

    Any configurations need for this ? Or just not inlcuded after the new Update and have 2 wait ? :)

    Thanks in front 4 help