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    Don't blame Formuler if Teamviewer decides to arbitrarily cut support for older QS apps.

    Maybe next time you should complain on the Teamviewer forums when Teamviewer stops working.

    New QuickSupport Version 14.3.178 that works with Formuler devices will be uploaded to the Market today.

    If you can't wait for the Market to be updated, you can download the new APK from the link below:…JRUmHR3AiroU1S8LdXs4nA9yK


    I recently purchased the Formuler Z8 because of all the great reviews. I was excited about being able to use the exclusive MYTVOnline 2 app. However, I am so disappointed because every time I load an M3U playlist, all the channels works for a few minutes and then the screen turns black, no matter how much i switch between the channels back and forth. The only way to get it working again is by disconnecting and restarting. I loaded the M3U playlist with other apps and they all worked perfectly. It seems the issue is only with MYTVOnline 2. Is there any fix or update to address the issue? I hope there is because I don't want to have paid a lot of money to only use and watch youtube videos!

    Unknown issue.

    Open a support ticket for this issue IF you can share the playlist with the developers:

    If you can't share the playlist with the developers, you will have to wait until someone with the same problem shares their playlist.

    Use the included File Manager app and try to open the USB from there.

    I am more interested in why you require such a high offset value in the first place.

    What type of connection are you using? (mac, xc api, m3u)?

    What EPG mode have you set in the portal options?

    The devs should fix the way epg populates on Mac portal. I am forced to use m3u instead of Mac portal because the EPG populates only when you press the epg grid button on the remote and then you have to scroll through the whole channel group list to populate the EPG. While on m3u and XC EPG auto generates in the background without doing anything that I mentioned before. Works much better

    Improvements are coming. We can only do so much with the data that is provided by the service side.

    And if we request the data too quickly (for user's benefit) the banning begins again.

    But those in the know already know about the fatal flaw in the mac portal protocol that is the cause of all of these issues in the first place.

    Ok, I have formatted a pen drive as exFAT and tried to access it in my Formuler Z8 and my file explorer says "Access denied". What else do I need to do?

    Do you have some issue with using FAT32 or NTFS filesystems?
    Which file explorer app are you using?
    Did you grand external storage permission to the file explorer app?


    I would like a way to lock settings (not quick settings) with a password so that people using the formuler z8 device cannot mess around with settings such as uninstalling apps, changing settings etc.


    Coming in future update.


    Did you figure out how to fix this?? I have the same problem. I just purchased the z8 and I have a z prime also. I am using the same exact portal but on my z8 I can not scroll/fast forward/rewind the live tv catch up recordings. Movies work fine just the TV catch up recordings on the Z8 using MOL 2 have this issue. I did try the same exact portal on the z prime and it works fine there using MOL 1. Can someone please help and come out with a fix? Just like the person above said the tv catchup recordings show the timer/duration of the program is shown as 0:00:00, just like his picture which is weird. I know 100 percent this is a z8 Mol 2 issue since it works fine on the z prime Mol 1.

    Known issue. Will be patched in the upcoming update.