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    Regarding the guide, I see some issues as well, so I’m guessing there are still some bugs to be ironed out.

    When you say it works on perfectplayer, I assume you have Perfect player installed on your z7+ and you’re trying it from there?

    ps if you have an android device in the house, install Air Sync Remote Z app to help type stuff into Z7+. Makes quick work of long URLs.

    Thank you so much for this suggestion!

    Huge thumbs up from me....

    I gave up on wifi....

    I had a W2 antenna and could only pull between 40 and 60 mbps. My box is about 15 feet away from the router.

    I grabbed an old wifi router, and put it into repeater mode so that I could hard wire the box.

    I'm now pulling 150 which is my internet max.

    I'll argue for the formuler box as being one of the best ones out there right now.

    However, when it comes to wifi, I'll tell everybody to stay clear.

    You'll laugh at what I did.....

    Took the device back, and grabbed another router, put it into wireless repeater mode, attached the lan cable.

    Now I'm pulling between 100 and 150 on speedtests.... my internet connection is 150.

    I'll be interested to find out if the drivers work for others though, as this adapter was available at walmart.

    This is not a support forum for provider related issues.

    EPG is working fine on official software and beta software.

    Contact your portal provider to complain about the EPG.

    Sorry for providing provider related details.

    However, I think that a few people were thinking that it was formuler based, but it was actually provider based!

    I'm not sure if there is a thread dedicated to feature requests. If so, I apologize.

    I have been testing the formuler quite a bit and I have some feature requests...

    1) Ability to add more than 1 m3u list portal. I have subscribed to 3 services, and have to go to perfect player to use some of them because of the limitation of only 1 m3u portal

    2) Ability to change from the groups to the guide in a better manner, OR the ability to change groups from within the EPG. Perhaps a long press on the arrow or channel up/down could work. Not sure, but currently I have to exit the epg, hit the groups button, change to the group I want AND select a channel within that group in order to get the large epg for the group I want.

    3) Ability to have a feature similar to perfect player's "adaptive channel sorting" Perfect player re-orders your channels based on the ones that you have viewed the most often. It is a very nifty feature!

    4) Ability to have a tv catchup using the m3u portal.

    This is most likely about 3 months worth of programming I assume :)