Official Formuler S - Series Factory Reset Tool and how to

Official Formuler S-Series Factory Reset Tool and how to

If some error occur and you are not able to boot your box any more, then please follow the instruction in this post.

Important: Please don't use how to`s and files from other clones, otherwise the Factory reset can fail.

File Info:

File: update.ird


MD5: 8941ac7bb40316f773c1682699d09b0c

Size: 566KB

OOB File Info:

S Series Factory Reset:

  • Format your USB Stick with Fat 32
  • Check update.ird file integrity before proceeding
  • Copy update.ird to USB root
  • Power off S-Series device
  • Insert USB into S-Series device
  • Power on S-Series device while repeatedly pressing the CH-UP button on the RCU. (Don't hold the button down. Press it repeatedly. See Video.)
  • Update progress bar appears on the screen. Stop pressing the CH-UP button
  • Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. The device will reboot automatically when finished.

Note: If first attempt fails to perform a rescue (no progress bar) power down the device and check the USB Stick on a Windows desktop or compatible iMac.

You may find default folders have appeared: Android Folder & LOST:DIR.

  • Delete Android Folder & LOST:DIR from the USB Stick and keep the original update.ird file.
  • Remove the power cable from the rear of the device and reinsert the USB Stick to the rear of the S Series device again.
  • Reinsert the power cable and continue with step 5 onwards.
  • If needed and existing, update your box to latest SW trough OTA and install again your Apps or Backups.

Video update success:

Video update fail:

Download :