How to use MAC/ID portal, Xtreme Codes Api (XC) and M3U Url on Formuler Boxes.

In this how to, we want to explain how to use different connections on Formuler boxes and IPTV url`s you get from your provider.

First of all, one small Info for potential new buyers and owners of Formuler Boxes.

  • Formuler is only Manufacturer of Formuler Boxes and has nothing to do with subscriptions or any online streams.
  • Formuler Boxes are sold without any 3th content or subscriptions.
  • To get, install and use IPTV subscriptions is only user responsibility. No recommendation from us which provider is good or not, link to them or posting names on forum (read forum rules).

Thank you for your understanding.

Formuler Z - S Boxes and Mytvonline App, works with following URL`s and Subscriptions:

  • Portal/Stalker (with registered MAC/ID on provider side).
  • Xtreme Codes Api (short XC) with login.
  • M3U Playlists.

Stalker Middleware:

Stalker servers deliver content from your IPTV/OTT/VOD providers who use Stalker Middleware. If your provider speak about MAG Connection and MAC registering, he means Stalker.

This kind of connection is in most cases in use and deliver very good results. So, when we write on forum MAC/ID registering or portal, we mean stalker connection.

Xtreme Codes Api:

Xtreme Codes deliver content from your IPTV/OTT/VOD providers who use Xtreme Codes. Works good like Stalker, the MAC/ID registering is not necessary but you have to use your login data.


The common use of this file format is for combining streaming links in one single file that runs as one single playlist. That is why it is commonly used by IPTV services/providers.

MYTVOnline Portal Setup:

After you get new provider subscription, choose portal for use and registered the MAC Address on provider side (For registering please use only MYTVOnline ID. Shown as (example) ID 00 1A 79 00 00 00).

Please note, on provider side you have to insert the ID with capital letters > 00:1A:79:00:00:00 (Of course with your ID).

Provider will give you then Portal URL, this has to be inserted into MYTVOnline. For example: "" or ""

** URL Insert without " ".

MYTVOnline 1:

Go to MYTVOnline > Menu > Portals -> Edit Portal (see video)

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MYTVOnline 2:

Go to MYTVOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Add Portal (see picture) and press connect.

MYTVOnline Xtreme Codes Api Setup:

Xtreme Codes Api Setup is almost same like Portal, the only difference is you don`t need to register MAC/ID but you have to insert login data (username and password). Provider gives you directly this data or it is shown in Dashboard from your subscription. Let`s assume provider give you data for example: "" or "", username:11111 and password:22222.

Portal Nickname (example): XC_A

Portal URL: ""

Is the login required?: yes, please activate.

Username: 11111

Password: 22222

MYTVOnline 1:

Go to MYTVOnline > Menu > Portals -> Edit Portal (see picture)

MYTVOnline 2:

Go to MYTVOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Add Portal (see picture) and press connect.

MYTVOnline Playlist Setup - URL:

M3U Playlist URL`s are different and much longer then Portal or XC URL`s.

If you get M3U URL from your Provider this could look like in this example: ""

EPG XML URL should look like in this example: "".

Many users don`t get the EPG URL from Provider, now you can build by your self the EPG URL and insert into Mytvonline.

Just change following bold positions with included from your existing M3U URL: "".

MYTVOnline 1:

Go to MYTVOnline > Menu > Playlist -> Edit Playlist (see picture)

MYTVOnline 2:

Go to MYTVOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Playlists > Add Play List (see picture) and press connect.

Extended Infos

Following URL`s are in use (example):

(With options)








M3U URL in detail:

  • url: Is the URL from service provider
  • port: is the port used by the service provider
  • username: Is the username of an account from this provider
  • password: Is the password of an account from this provider
  • type: Is the type of playlist. By default, m3u and m3u_plus are available for options but m3u_plus is the option given by default. M3u is a special type of playlist where the EPG ID and logo URL for a given AvContent.
  • output: The output type of the stream. TS, HLS and Rtmp are available. By default it will be TS which represents the MPEG-TS container.The two other are HLS for HTTP Live Streaming and RPTM for Real Time Messaging Protocol.