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Model: i.e. Formuler Z Prime / Formuler Z / Formuler Z+ / Formuler Z7+ / Formuler Z Nano / Formuler S Turbo / Formuler S Mini

Retail Box or Provider Box: Retail Box / Provider Box

Firmware version and date:

MYTVOnline version and date:

Did you factory reset your device? and when?: yes /no

Picture url (only https): (if you have pictures please include the url to the picture(s) or attach small picture.

Video download url (only https): (if you have managed to video record you’re issue please provide link to the video)

What issue(s) are you having? (please provide full details of issue in an easy to understand manner)

What was you expecting to happen? (please tell us what you were expecting to happen)

What happened instead? (please tell us what happened instead)

How can we replicate the issue you are having? (please provided easy to understand, exact instructions on how we can replicate the issue)

What have you tried if anything to rectify the issue? (i.e. rebooted device, factory reset, powered off device, replaced cable etc.)


IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT include or show any personal identifiable information, including things such as serial numbers, MAC addresses etc. in your posts/pictures/videos. Formuler cannot be held responsible for any information you have posted.

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