Please Read – Very Important

Please understand that the Formuler forum is a friendly place with a good friendly atmosphere for users to discuss all things in relation to Formuler devices and for help and support.

Any post that contains any information that we deem violates the below rules, forum rules or at our own discretion deemed in appropriate or in violation of our rules and guidelines will result in the offending post being deleted and possibly a warning or permanent ban.

We cannot under any circumstances allow any kind of the following on the forum:

  • NO SPAM of any sort. **
  • No support or discussions about CS/Softcams.
  • No discussing or support of ANY ILLEGAL content, in any shape or form.
  • No discussing and promoting of ANY services/other brand products/sponsors etc.
  • No portal name or url`s to any portal or promoting of this.
  • No discussing or support of other brand boxes even if they look or use the same software. Only Formuler branded devices are allowed to be discussed and are supported for obvious reasons.
  • No multiple postings with same content/issue in different threads and hijacking other thread.

This includes but not limited to: YouTube videos, URLs, how to’s, software, add-ons and anything else that we deem inappropriate or in violation of our rules and guidelines. There are other forums online to discuss such subjects.

* * Means to post a topic multiple times (prohibition of double postings). First use the search and when there is not a comparable topic, you can create a new one in the dedicated forum (a switching of topics costs a lot of value time for the hosts, that can be used better). Never post twice in different forums, in order to get a faster response! Consider that user to user support is on voluntary base and it is not unconditionally afforded. Give the other members and supporters enough time to think about the question and to answer sometime later. A bumping of a topic under 48 hours is not allowed!

We welcome all users to our forum and wish to keep the forum a friendly place with a good atmosphere for everyone.

Thank you for understanding,

Formuler Team