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    OK show me faster.

    I'm not sure I would need to. Your video shows EPG loading line-by-line (one HTTP request per channel). With XMLTV EPG, there is no real delay in loading. The entire guide is populated nearly instantly.

    On another note, one of the benefits of XC/MAC is that it can request EPG data beyond the scope of what the XML has (think: last week, next week, etc). One idea to combat this is that the initial guide data could be populated instantly via XMLTV EPG, but then use the API when you start to come across parts of the guide that were not contained in the initial download. This hybrid approach could really be the best of both worlds. Would be a game changer for this box.

    EPG is SLOW on XC and MAC connections.

    XC and MAC connections need to made hundreds (if not thousands of HTTP request to get EPG data).

    M3U + XML is super fast to load EPG because it's a single HTTP request, but you lose catchup ability.

    Most service providers provide XMLTV URLs for their EPG.

    The channel ID's in the XC and MAC API's match the channel ID's in the XMLTV EPG.

    It would be reasonable from a technical standpoint to allow XC + MAC connections to use an XMLTV file for EPG instead of the native API. Just add an optional URL field in the portal settings dialog.

    I would like to request this feature be added to MyTVOnline.


    I am also having issues with favorites. My old provider was a MAC portal, and favorites worked fine. New provider uses Xtream Codes portal, and I lose favorites every time I close MYTVOnline. Is this a provider issue or a software issue?

    I'm using a Bose universal remote which I would like to use to control my formuler z7+. So far I haven't been able to find a device code to program my Bose remote. They have a universal device code list, but it doesn't mention formuler as a vendor. Does anyone know what code I should use?

    Your remote would not support this box.

    I have M3U's that have channel entries that look like this...

    1. #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="9.1 WCPODT" tvg-id="" tvg-logo="" group-title="Local",ABC (WCPO-HD)

    And then I have XML's that have channel entries that look like this...

    1. <channel id="">
    2. <display-name>9.1 WCPODT</display-name>
    3. <display-name>9.1</display-name>
    4. <display-name>WCPODT</display-name>
    5. <icon src="" />
    6. </channel>

    Note that the value of `tvg-name` in the M3U (e.g. "9.1 WCPODT") matches a valid `display-name` node in the XML, whereas the standard M3U item title (e.g. "ABC (WCPO-HD)") does not. It would seem that the correct functionality of the EPG parser would first look at the `tvg-name` attribute before looking at the M3U item title, but from my tests, it seems that MyTVOnline is not even looking for the `tvg-name` attribute at all. Can this logic get fixed?

    *****needs to use the new mag.*****.tv address, you need to set UTC in the settings, and you need to clear EPG data in settings. You should also login to the *****web portal and choose your groups in the settings, as those are now being used in the Mag portal.

    Team, we've always maintained feature parity with the Harmony profiles for the Formuler z7+ and the Dreamlink T2. Currently, the new dedicated PowerOn and PowerOff functions are not working for the latter device. Is there an ETA as to when this device will get these options?

    Formuler Team, I just heard back from several users that own Formuler z7+ devices as well as Dreamink T2 devices, and they are reporting that the discrete power on/off is working on the Formuler, but not on the Dreamlink. Is there a reason why this would not be working?

    Update: So I forgot that I could log into the MyHarmony desktop app and manage my profiles remotely. I went ahead and added a new Formuler z7+ and can confirm that I am seeing the old "Sleep" (sleep timer) command in the commands list.

    I am not, however, seeing the new PowerOn (wake), and PowerOff (sleep) commands in the commands list. But I am seeing that the profile by default now uses separate PowerOn and PowerOff commands to control the power cycle (as opposed to the single PowerToggle as before). It's possible that Harmony added the functionality, but forgot to add the commands to the commands list. Let me check with them!

    Ok, I'll let the Harmony team know. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to get progress on this because they are typically apprehensive about back-and-forth with profile updates. We'll see what they say...

    In the meantime, can you confirm if the original Sleep (sleep timer) command is present on the Z7+? If my memory serves me correctly, I swear that we had Sleep implemented with the last profile update. Per a previous reply from JakedUp -- this should be the latest configuration... and you can see that Sleep is in this list...


    33 - PowerToggle

    00 - 0

    01 - 1

    02 - 2

    03 - 3

    04 - 4

    05 - 5

    06 - 6

    07 - 7

    08 - 8

    09 - 9

    17 - Backspace

    60 - Tab

    0D - OK

    0B - DirectionUp

    0E - DirectionDown

    10 - DirectionLeft

    11 - DirectionRight

    0A - Mute

    6C - VolumeUp

    6D - VolumeDown

    57 - Recall

    6A - ChannelUp

    6B - ChannelDown

    22 - Play

    23 - Pause

    23 - Play/Pause

    26 - Stop

    27 - Record

    21 - Rewind

    24 - FastForward

    72 - SkipBack

    73 - SkipForward

    1A - Menu

    1E - Exit

    51 - Info

    54 - Home

    57 - Back

    52 - Red

    61 - Blue

    62 - Yellow

    63 - Green

    1B - Guide

    32 - Favorites

    75 - Groups

    28 - DVR

    34 - TV

    35 - OnDemand

    CE - TV/OnDemand

    74 - Cursor

    76 - Sleep

    70 - VideoFormat

    71 - Resolution


    Just just got confirmation back from the Harmony team that they have updated the profile. I'm actually out of town for the next couple of days, so can someone else check to see if these two new commands were integrated, and that previous commands have not been negatively affected?

    Hmm... This does not look like the format that they are currently working with -- the current profile was constructed using the custom code (00ff) and 2-digit codes (e.g. 0b for UP or 11 for LEFT) -- I have not seen this longer format being used.

    On top of that, I have no idea if they can support multiple device types in the same profile... but who knows, maybe they can. I'll reach out and see what they can do! I'll send both the short and long formats and let them choose which one works for them.

    I'll let everyone know how it goes!

    Are you sure these are right? We only have one chance to submit to the Harmony team. They won't do multiple rounds of revisions.

    In the current profile we have 74 for Mouse/Cursor -- if 74 is now Sleep, will that break Cursor?

    Also, I currently have Sleep at 76 on the current profile...

    Let me know the new codes and I'll have the Harmony team update the profile. Note that anyone who already has the current profile installed will need to delete their device and re-add the profile once Harmony has updated on their end.

    Not sure. I don't use the IR blasters and everything in my setup works fine. We have 7 devices hooked to the TV in addition to an HDMI splitter. I think the blasters are only necessary in fringe cases.