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    By which means are you using that URL? Are you typing it into a web browser? If so, which web browser?

    The web browser could be the source of the traffic bottleneck.

    Instead, use the app that is available in the Market. Open the speedtest app and use the mouse-cursor mode on your remote to click on the "Go" button.

    Ah I see. Yes it was in a web browser, Brave browser. That did indeed seem to be a bottleneck. I installed the app and am now seeing results above 90 Mbps.

    Thanks for your assistance 175n

    You didn't say which method you were using to test the Ethernet speed on your Z7+

    Also, VPN will ALWAYS degrade your internet speed. Perform all speed tests without VPN or DNS apps enabled.

    Thanks for reply.

    I was using the ISP's own recommended speed test at which is powered by Ookla Speedtest. The test server is 1km from my address.

    My VPN is off by default. I rarely use it and only switched it on briefly to compare. There are no other apps enabled.

    Hi, I'm having this exact same problem with my Z7+

    • Hardwired connection via a powerline adaptor getting 95 Mbps down on my ISP's own speed test site ( through my laptop.
    • Same cable into my Z7+ ethernet port was maxing out at 9-12 Mbps down. After a factory reset this increased to 35-45 Mbps.
    • Ran an Ethernet cable directly from my router to the Z7+ bypassing the powerline adaptors and still throttled to under 45 Mbps.
    • Purchased a USB 3.0 to Ethernet Gigabit adaptor to bypass the Ethernet port. Plugged into either the Z7+ USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 and still only getting 35-45 Mbps.
    • Upload speed is consistently running at my connection's maximum 36 Mbps.
    • Static IP
    • Running latest firmware/software versions
    • VPN (PIA) off or on makes no difference
    • Have tried DNS settings from my ISP, Google and Cloudflare. Cloudflare is marginally quicker than the others.
    • Have rebooted/reset router, box and adaptors multiple times.
    • Can't test wifi speed as the included wifi dongle broke after 1 week and the retailer would not provide a replacement.

    Would really appreciate some help troubleshooting please.


    A recent Plex for Android update introduced a new video player in the app. This is switched on by default. After the update my media would no longer play properly in Plex, with a broken picture/green screen and distorted audio on both x264 and x265 content from a LAN server. It took me ages and several reinstall attempts to work out why but I eventually found the setting in Plex Advanced Settings to disable the new player and everything plays normally again.

    The Plex app updated again today and the new player was reactivated by default. It still doesn't work on the Z7+. At the moment the option still exists to disable it and revert back to the old player but I'm worried that might disappear at some point. Any ideas why the new player on Plex is incompatible with the Z7+ and are there any plans to roll out an update to address this?

    Not overly enamoured with this update.

    It has brought with it a new bug where I'm getting regular repeated force closing of the app when it reconnects to the last connected portal/live TV channel. To get out of this crash loop, when loading MOL1 I have to cancel the connection before it loads, load another portal and then switch back to the other portal again.

    Also still getting the black screen bug, which was supposed to have been fixed in this update. And catch-up playback isn't working on portal connections - but this wasn't working before the update either, so might be provider panel related (altough they tell me it is working on their end). [EDIT: catch-up now working]

    Any troubleshooting recommendations, in particular on the first issue, would be appreciated.

    Why not trying powerlines. More stable then WIFI for sure.

    Very good point. I've never looked into powerline adapters. If they're proven to be good for IPTV then that is probably my best bet.


    Just to follow up on this. I went with powerline adapters (TP-Link AV1000) and they are working brilliantly.

    Thanks for the tip bartje. :thumbup:

    I can confirm I also have this issue with XC API only. MAC works OK.

    Another problem is catch-up shows also don't play on XC API when accessing through the EPG grid.

    Hi David,

    Thank you. I can confirm that following your very clear instructions resulted in a trouble-free upgrade on my Z7+.

    Ridiculous to have to manually update the Software Updater app! But I'm delighted to have the Resolution button working again after several months.

    No it doesn't work, wasted my money for nothing.

    Take 1200 dootoper, works perfect with the box.

    Hmmm, thanks. I'm struggling to find something worthy in Australia. Mostly cheap Chinese no-name stuff and no way of getting hold of the Dootoper 1200 (only managed to find the Dootoper 600Mbps version here which has the RTL8811AU chipset).

    Would be grateful if anyone else has any positive, reliable experience of other brands/models they could share.


    I just found out the chipset on Inamax AC1200 dongle that I bought is Realtek 8812BU.

    Hi Mevi

    Does the Inamax work reliably for you with the Z7+?

    I'm about to move house and won't be able to use an ethernet connection in the new place, so I need to buy a good wifi adapter.


    I also have this same issue. EPG does not load at all in EPG Single channel view. It loads OK in the EPG grid but when I select any previous programme on a catch-up channel it says "Can't play this video. Please try again later."

    I looked in Settings and there is no option to change between Normal and UTC EPG mode. This option exists for a MAC portal connection but I don't have it for XC portal connection.

    I haven't had this problem. Updated last week. No other updates available.

    Firmware v1.2.60

    IPTV v1.9.62

    Was the shonky update withdrawn or was it just a temporary blip?