Forum - Rules

Update 03.01.2020

§ 1 Field of application

For the use of the forum the following conditions are valid. The use of the forum is only permitted, if you accept these terms of use/forum rules.

§ 2 Registration, formation of a contract, object of agreement

1. Basis for the use of the forum is a registration via the corresponding online form. After the registration over the online form you will receive a confirmation email to verify your data and to confirm your registration with a mouse click. With the activation of your account through the provider , the free licence agreement is achieved (conclusion of contract).

2. Object of agreement is the free use of the functions of the forum as an online communication platform. An „account“ will be provided for you as a user, with which you can set posts and topics in the forum.

3. Basically there is no title to an activation or participation in the forum. The unrestricted householder’s rights are valid.

4. Only you are permitted to user your forum account by yourself. As the owner of the account you are responsible for the protection against abuse as well. You have to protect your access data against the unauthorized accesses through other persons.

The usage of words and websites protected by trademark law as usernames are not permitted.

5. The provider will try to offer the services possible interruption-free. Even with high diligence dead times can not be excluded, where the web server due to technical or other problems, which are not in the reach of the provider (culpability of others, acts of God, attacks against the infrastructure through hackers etc.), over the internet is not available. The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of the website is technically not realizable.

6. The provider reserves the right to change and extend the content and structure of the platform and its user interfaces, if hereby the purpose of the user’s contract is not or not insignificant affected. The provider will inform the user about the changes.

7. Sense and purpose of the forum is a „platform of opinions“ intended for public. A peaceful and respectful interaction without insults among the users is required. It is very important for us to keep a good atmosphere on a high level.

§ 3 Duties as a forum user

1. As a user you commit yourself not to publish any postings, which offend against the rules or the public morals, the established laws and forum rules. It is especially prohibited to publish insulting and false content:

  • publication of pornographic or other erotic material and texts
  • publication of Nazi, racist or race baiting content, calls for violence or similar
  • to make anti-competitive actions, creating toxic atmosphere and posting bad words against Formuler
  • to send spam over the system
  • to use legally, especially through the copyright and trademark law protected contents without permission. The publication of foreign content needs an approval of the author first!
  • to post a topic multiple times (prohibition of double postings). First use the search and when there is not a comparable topic, you can create a new one in the dedicated forum (a switching of topics costs a lot of value time for the hosts, that can be used better). This never post twice in different forums, in order to get a faster response! Consider that user to user support is on voluntary base and it is not unconditionally afforded. Give the other members and supporters enough time to think about the question and to answer sometime later. A bumping of a topic under 48 hours is not allowed!
  • to hijack threads with different issue or subject and ignoring thread-starters post!
  • to create senseless and extremely short postings, that no one understands and which are contra-productive. This includes also postings in other languages than English.
  • to use constant big letter in header and text (will be understood as yelling)
  • questions and postings about IPTV Portal`s by name and link to them, etc.
  • support questions trough PM/Conversation to the Team. This belongs into Forum!
  • links to upload-centres & Co with files of all sorts
  • questions about keys, CCCams and comparable
  • to discuss about purchase, recommendation or consulting of „foreign“- receivers or other brands. Here we discuss only about Formuler Receiver
  • to post external links (only allowed for 3rd party images), except it deals with innovations concerning the already supported images or software
  • to misuse the user Pin Wall as support-box (questions and answers belongs to the forum, so every member has the rewards for it)
  • to use resource-hungry signatures, that have an influence on the forum’s speed and the loading of content. The forum is not an advertising medium
  • links to external internet contents in the signature are therefore not allowed, except of private online presences, which do not t aim at sales
  • signatures, that offend against these rules will be deleted resp. in case of recurrence blocked. These must work problem-free, if this is not the case or if it is often ignored, we will turn off the signature completely for everyone.
  • to publish press articles of third in the forum without the permission of the initiator and this without list of sources.
  • to practise advertising in the forum without explicit written approval by the provider; this applies also for so called plug like especially the linking of the own homepage with or without additional text in the signature or within the posts homepage-URLs and address- resp. contact-data may only be published in the user-profile of the forum.

1a. Other important obligatory and features that should be considered:

  • Language: Forum language is English and only in English. Postings in other languages are not understandable for the supporters, members and wide mass. It is International forum and we must insist on one worldwide spoken language like English, without any exceptions. Thank you for your understanding in this case, helping us to have clear, non mixed and understandable forum for everyone.
    • Important Info: At the beginning, there was two languages on Forum (German and English). Last years this have changed and the forum changed now for obvious reasons only into English. Don`t be surprise if you see many older postings in German language (most in E2-Linux forum). If you need to create new postings in same forum, then please create new thread only in English. Thank you very much.
  • Topics will always be written and led in English. Threads with mixed language postings will be deleted without prior warning.
  • Every user should try noticeable to fulfil the rules of orthography largely. Typing errors can be fixed quickly by use of the preview- or edit function - proof-reading anyway is appropriate. Words, that are written wrongly, can not be found of other users over the search function and maybe also not understood. In many sentences/large texts an punctuation (at least sentence-concluding signs) and setting of paragraphs are absolutely required.
  • When you start new thread and request support, please check first in your forum the "Please Read - how to request help and support (template included)" thread, copy and paste the template in your post and fulfil.
  • Linking of the own homepage: The own homepage can be linked over the "Homepage" field in the profile.
  • Search function: Many questions are already explained in the forum and can be called up very quick over the search function. Even if the quest seems elaborate, it is in many cases the fastest way to get the required solutions, because you do not need to wait for answers of other users.
  • Formulating of a request: The title of a topic should be chosen as informative as possible - words like "help, help, help" or "urgent" should not be used in the title or post and where required will be deleted. The actual request should be formulated as precisely as possible - lastly queries cost time. In the case of fault reports or problem requests a large part of the following points should be contained. Please use the form, it`s easier for all.
  • Private messages: Private messages are imagined only for private resp. non-public topics. Requests of support will not be discussed in private messages (to these belong also demands to answer a certain request in the topics). Moreover the transferring of commercials via private message is prohibited.
  • Topics and postings of a member: The user gives the forum operator the priority of an unlimited in time, irreversible and simple right of use of its posts for the forum and the public. A right for retaining certain topics does not exist, the forum administration decides what must be retained. Topics, postings or other content that go against the conditions of use or against the forum rules will be deleted irreversibly and without warning. All written postings are provided voluntarily at disposal of the forum and there is no claim to deletion of the postings neither during the membership time, nor after blocking membership, nor after deletion of the account. According to §5 of telemedia law we are not committed to it. A deletion of topics and postings would destroy complete coherences of a topic.
  • E-Mail address: Basis for a membership is a accessible and valid email address. The mail addresses can not be seen by other members, so that they only serve for the own use. Hereby you get circular emails and notifications, when there are new answers. In both cases you can modulate in your profile, if emails are undesired.
  • Disposable (temporary) email: We block or proof afterwards disposable email addresses. In this case you can not use your membership, as long as the email address is not updated. Disposable email addresses are undesired out of certain reasons at our place. Members, which use suchlike email addresses are not regarded as serious.

1b. Conditions of use & Rules - database

In the database only own, from an author released or free obtainable works without terms of a licence or restrictions can be presented, that are also offered for download here. Entries, which only contain a link to a page, will be deleted without a comment.

A detailed and gap less description of the uploaded file is obligatory. New database-entries without any spirit of extension and with many gaps in textual information will be deleted without comments. Files that are not own property and can not be provided because of terms of licence, will not be activated. The user/uploader is always liable for the upload. The uploader has to check the files on viruses!

Files with only one link to the producer page and no download, can be uploaded as normal topics in our forum (not database). It is forbidden to upload or link files, that lead to a industrial aspect or contain profitmaking intentions. An exception are only topics, if a help seeking person searches for it. Legal note concerning files and instructions, that we offer!

The producer and page operator assumes no liability for potential damages, errors, data loss or similar, that can occur with the use of the product. All products are offered without the right on support or guarantees. The installation and use of files happens at your own risk. For possible damages, that are related to the products of the manufacturer, no responsibility is taken! Please check on viruses after successful download and if you find any, we are glad if you contact us fast, so we can delete those files. Testing attempts of assorted instructions happen always at one's own risk!

1c. On one's own account

1.We always search for good supporters, who want to do more than usual. We need supporters with good knowledge in the field of lexicon, FAQ, database and for many other fields and instructions. If you believe to be the right person for this job, don't hesitate and apply over [email protected]. Hosts are also welcomed, to build up a big and friendly community with us. Help us to put together something new and let us all profit of it. Thank you and remaining in hope that many good applicants will message.

2. As a user you undertake to proof your inputs and topics on information that you don't want to publish before publishing. Your inputs and topics can be recorded in search engines and worldwide accessible through it. A right on deletion or revision of those search engine entries towards the provider is out of the question.

3. In case of violation of the aforesaid rules § 3 ch. 1 and 2, the provider can, no matter of a cancellation, impose following sanctions:

- deletions or change of contents uploaded by the user

- sentence of a warning or blocking of the access to the forum.

4. The provider is also entitled, to block the access of the online platform to the user, if there is a probable cause, that you offend against these terms of use. You can avoid those measures, if you clear the suspicion through presentation of suitable evidence on one's own account.

5. If third or other users should avail oneself of the provider concerning possible statutory violations, that a) result of the contents uploaded of you as a user and/or b) that develop out of the use of the services of the provider through oneself, you engage yourself as a user, to excuse the provider of any claims, including compensation claims, and to reimburse the provider the costs, that emerge out of the possible violation of laws. The provider will especially be exempt from the costs of the necessary legal defence. The provider is entitled to demand an appropriate advance from you as a user. As a user you are bound to support the provider towards third in good faith and trust with information and documents at the legal defence. All ulterior rights and demands for indemnification of the provider remain unaffected. If you as a user don't have to cover for the possible violation of, then the aforesaid duties don't exist.

§ 4 Transfer of usage rights

1. The copyright law for your topics and postings, if those are capable by being protected of copyright, remains generally with you as a user. With placement of a topic or posting, you give the provider the right to hold up with the topic or post durably on its websites. Besides the provider has the right to delete your topics and posts, to elaborate, to relocate or to close.

2. The aforesaid rights of use persist also in case of a cancellation of the forum account.

§ 5 Limitation of liability

1. The provider of the forum assumes no warranty for the posted contents in the forum, especially not for their accuracy, completeness and currency.

§ 6 Duracy/Termination of contract

1. This agreement is closed for an indefinite period of time.

2. Both parties can cancel this agreement without adherence to a time limit.

3. The provider is entitled to block the access of the user after its termination of the forum user contract. The provider is entitled but not obliged to delete your as a user written contents in case of termination. A claim to surrender of

the contents created of you as a user will be excluded.

With your registration you accept our terms of use, privacy policy and most important our forum rules in its entirety.