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    ok just an update, i had the issue last night and today where fast forward was fine throughout most of a catchup program that was showing correct total time but on a few occasions it sometimes did not work as seanns32 has mentioned, happened with both providers with different channels etc. i do suspect at this point a bug in MOL. But it's already been reported so that's good :)

    Hello, this is my first time posting here. I just bought and set up a z7+ and loaded up Perfect player..I can’t get channels to play right on any of the decoder options..each one I select has some sort of issue when channel plays or doesn’t play. maybe I’m doing something wrong. I have used PP in many other devices and not had this problem.


    I've not used perfect player myself, any issues though with perfect player would have to be taken up with them as Perfect Player has nothing to do with Formuler.

    question 2
    in mytvonline I cannot get sound with I finally selected yes player to use to play VOD, but it’s not best..I have Vader’s IPTV and it works well on my shield.

    Can you please follow the below instructions to install the audio codecs, this should solve the audio issue.


    At this point can you try a factory reset? you mention you did a software reset but not a factory reset. Not sure if the red flashing led is an indication of a specific problem, hopefully someone from Formuler can reply but try a factory reset and reply back with outcome.

    Please remove any devices you may have connected to the Formuler box like usb flash drive before doing a factory reset. Also please note exFAT, currently there is a bug that causes the formuler device to crash so please make sure you use FAT32 or NTFS, the exFAT bug is already fixed in next firmware release.

    Thank you.

    Hi Mozoo,

    First you should check with your provider if there are currently any issues. I say this as two providers i know of are doing major upgrades, have been for past two weeks or so and still going to take another week or more at least by sounds of it and one of them has the issue you describe because they are having to do a manual upgrade and manual edit of every single channel in the EPG, plus i have had issues with both providers today including no EPG, so please contact your provider first.

    Generally any information missing from the EPG specially as you say it's just UK stations, which i assume other stations EPG is fine from the information you have provided, is telling me this is a provider issue. The app does not provide any kind of subscription or service it's just an app, so any issues relating to provider needs to be taken up with them.

    Once you have checked with your provider and if they say there is no issue (some will say everything is fine even when it's not), then please copy the template from here then paste it here and fill in with as much information as possible. I do think though this is your provider going by the information you have provided.

    ok great thanks for letting me know, at least we both know the issues appears to be when the total time is wrong, both my providers are doing major upgrades and have been doing so for a few weeks and more to follow, the fact it seems to work when total time is correct tells me it's an issue with provider(s) as when total time shows an odd total time that's obviously incorrect, that's when the issue you describe happens, if it was the app it would likely happen even when total time is correct.

    My box is always in use generally throughout the day so can only ever really test at night, but i will take a look at it tonight to see if i can spot anything, as not really tested this issue due to major upgrades going on with both providers is making it difficult to determine the exact cause at the moment.


    I can confirm this issue to, the reason i have not mentioned it as of yet is, i find the problem happens when the total time is not displaying correct, for example if i play a film on tv catchup it may show ie. 1 hour 45 minutes and fast forward works fine, on another film it will show crazy like 140 hours etc and it will do exactly as you describe, i'm not sure if it's provider issue or the app, both my providers are doing upgrades etc and taking way longer than expected so until that's sorted i didn't want to post about it incase it was an issue with provider.

    But yes i'm having same issue with my Z7+ but can't be sure if it's provider or app at the moment as both providers doing major upgrades. The reason i think it's provider at the moment is i only find the issue to happen on anything with a total time that is obviously wrong usually claiming film/programme whatever you watching is several hours to over 100 hours long when it's obviously not. Will try and test a bit more when i got some time.


    I'm sorry i thought you were using a Z7+, i don't own or use a Z Prime, however that still looks like provider box going from that menu and logo and if it is then you have to go back to provider or seller as only they will have an answer as they change customise the firmware/software.

    Just to be sure i will tag @SAM as he will know more about this than myself.

    Hi Karl,

    The standby issue appears to be fixed going by latest information from the Beta :)

    All information in regards to the firmware release can be seen here: March/April Update

    The remote uses IR plus i had a an IR extender with mine so i could hide the box if i wanted and still use remote without issue as mine came with the IR extender but have not used it as not got my box hidden in a cabinet.

    Is this update Will be available this week ? If yes when ?
    Thanks à lot


    Beta 2 is being released tomorrow for the beta testers to test, depending on any issues that may arise no exact time frame can be given at this time.

    However rest assured the reason for the further delay is because several more bugs that weren't originally planned to be fixed in this release has now been fixed but also new features and improvements have also been done. As this update is very big with both bug fixes and new features and improvements it means testing takes a bit longer as Formuler would not want to release a firmware that is not ready for it's customers and that could cause further problems.

    Obviously Formuler understands users are very eager for the next update and the devs are working around the clock in all fairness but with bug fixes, new features and improvements and additional fixes etc that weren't originally planned in this release means there is going to be some delay.

    Hopefully once Beta 2 is tested thoroughly and nothing crops up or other issues arise it should then soon be near ready for release but at this point it's difficult to give an exact time frame.

    I tried micro SD card to install applications but I was not able to and internal storage was showing full after installing few apps. Are you directly installing on SD Card or moving applications to SD card after installing on internal storage? I don't know why Z7+ does not allow to use external storage as internal storage like other boxes Nvidia shield, Xiaomi etc. Thanks


    All i did was format and then insert the MicroSD card into my Z7+, went to android > Default storage equipment and choose my 64GB MicroSD card as default storage then rebooted. I have a few apps including Kodi and i have only used 1.62GB of the internal storage space and have 5.02GB free and currently my MicroSD card is using 4.21GB of 59.46GB (64GB MicroSD card) and i have not put anything on it, i leave it purposely for the box to use as default storage.

    Everything on the internal storage is mirrored onto my MicroSD card as the MicroSD card is set as default storage. I do not do anything as you mentioned like direct installing on sd card or moving apps to sd. I just select my MicroSD card as default storage as mentioned above. Then when recording in mytvonline it asks where i want to record to, my USB HDD or MicroSD card which is being used as default storage as mentioned and i have chosen my MicroSD card to record to several times now with no issues.

    I'm not sure how it's handled by the firmware, ie. when selecting default storage equipment and choosing MicroSD whether it uses space on internal storage first then the additional storage provided by my MicroSD card , what i can confirm is everything from internal storage is mirrored on my MicroSD card and i can record to my MircoSD card even when set as default storage equipment.


    I did a search and cannot find any USB DVB-C (cable) adaptor for the Formuler Z7+.

    Looking online it appears you would need a different Formuler device that supports and 'extra plug n play tuner slot' and a DVB-C tuner card to go in it from what i can tell.

    Hi seanns32,

    This is going off topic and we must keep to the topic in question, please understand as it can cause confusion and it's not related to the OPs question.

    However to answer your question, I have two providers, the one i use for Formuler box is PIA, only been with them a few weeks and they are certainly not my first choice, not for speed but other things, i run my vpn client at router level not using an app from provider.

    Please also understand my router is not ISP provided which in general are very poor, my router has a 64bit dual core CPU with a hardware crypto engine built-in to the CPU designed for handling VPN connections at higher speed using encryption. However i still get better speed results than the op whether i use vpn or not and as i say i get near full line speeds, minus a few mbps here and there which is normal for any internet connection.