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    thanks for these HOW TO suggestions

    for M3U list the method indicated by 175n is also easy and valid

    question: is it possible to use url shorteners like bitly - joogl - tinyurl .....

    (btw is gone!)

    Ive used the shorteners with success, yes.

    so go to add a new portal, but make sure to click portal and not playlist. For URL you need to use your existing M3U URL, BUT, it needs to be shortened. If your URL has numbers in it, you will likely cut off everything after the numbers (you maybe need to add a '/' after the numbers), or if your URL has a '.com' in it, end your URL after the .com.

    and then say YES to 'login required?' and for username & password, use your username and password you currently use within your long M3U Playlist & EPG URLs

    If you're unsure about the URL, paste it here but 'x-out' the username and password, along with some of the key server name characters. Examples of urls which work for me are like:


    (So when you type in your URL, stop after the ':80/')

    Note you may need to click on link above and view full URL in browser because I'm struggling to make the above URL a plain text and not a hyperlink

    Make sense?

    if you have a scheduled recording, the box will power ON at the correct time, but currently once the recording is done the box will not turn off.

    if the recording stopped early, it is likely because the iptv stream was interrupted/buffered/etc and although mytvonline attempts to reconnect and continue the record, it doesnt always work

    I was told that there would be a March update for the Formuler z7+ and that this would fix the favourites issue but i havn't got any update yet on my box.

    Can any of the admins confirm when this will be pushed?


    I think i remember reading a post from SAM that the update would get pushed out a couple of weeks after the Z8 update (which came about ~1 week ago), so hang tight

    Thanks for your answer, we all notice the care of customers.

    I'm sure there won't be Z7+ updates anymore.

    But you be sure I won't order another product again.

    You realize there's a Z7+ update around the corner , right? Not implying it will add this particular fix, but you should probably do a little reading before stating things like this

    I believe when you open up MYTVONLINE it only loads / downloads the channels and EPG from the current selected portal. So in that case, it wouldn't make sense to have multiple MYTVONLINE apps