How to create new thread or post in existing thread.

How to create new thread or post in existing thread(s)

First and most important threads/documents for new user after registration. Please read them first, otherwise no wonder if thread or posting goes instantly deleted. Forum language is only English.

Second, have you tried the forum search feature?

Sometimes your issue or question may have already been asked and answered by staff or another member. Please try the forum search facility first, as this may provide you with a much quicker answer.

If you cannot find an answer using the search facility, please use the template and copy and paste the template when making a new thread (post), delete not needed. This will assist us in providing you with the best answer and quickest support.

Please use an easy to understand and detailed headline (title) for your post and post in the correct board and sub-forum. Thank you.

1. How to create new thread.

Please see and use self explain pictures with text inside.

2. How to post in existing thread.