IPTV launcher has stopped

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  • Model: Formuler z7+

    Retail Box or Provider Box:Provider Box

    Firmware version and date:latest version as of Oct 13 2018

    MYTVOnline version and date: latest version as of Oct 13 2018

    Did you factory reset your device? and when?:no can't get into system menu

    I keep getting IPTV launcher has stopped on boot up. I don't have anything in the usb slots or memory card . Any ideas ?

  • So I did exactly as instructions states then it gets started into network selection then shuts down. I unplug then in the same cycle.

    I did submit a ticket on Oct 12 but no response yet

    Looks like I was sold a defect devise. Does anyone know how to exchange/swap? I don't need a refund just a working device.

  • I have turned my box on tonight and have the same issue. Been using it for over a month now with no issues. Updated on the weekend with no problems. No usb drives or SD cards. Any ideas?