THREAD: What apps do you recommend installing on your z8?

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  • The MOL2 tv output was not sharp like having a soft filter kind off which some older movie stars uses to hide there error like aging on there faces..pretty annoying like having a binocullar not focused ..kind of misty ..shortly not sharp. I was advice to install an external player MXplayer and Audio optimizer who also has the correct codecs to run the MOL2 more effective. Do not forget to go to options and switch on the slider to External Player....Also S-Youtube works fine. Netflix even looks better then without as Netflix works only the best on certified units - commercial politics between Netflix and all media box producers - not our thing really - but we try to make the best out of it is quit acceptable now. For the rest i would advice to buy a gamepad like keyboard with a mouse integrated then you can use it as your smartphone using the arrow-mouse more effective then on the remote control. Load your email program on it - Youtube - Netflix - Outlook (if you have no secrets to share with other users ;)) it is up to you afterwards. Enjoy and cheers