Recording on MY TV Online

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  • Hi,

    I have a Micro SD card in the STB and I know it is recognized and is showing up in My files but MY TV Online isnt recognizing it in its PVR options. When I try to record something it says storage full and I am not able to pause live TV etc etc. Is there a way that the Micro SD needs to be configured?


  • it needs to formatted to ex fat 32. You can only pause live tv on the channel that offer catch up, normally indicated on channel logo with a play symbol. You should check card is being read with total commander or file brower

  • i have a similar issue.

    When I am recording something on e USB stick, the recoding stops after a certain time (sometime one hour, sometimes a few minutes more).
    Then, a new recording is being created for the rest of the time, but this file can't be playd anymore. No skipping, pausing etc.

    Does anyone else have this issue?
    Is it even possible to record, for example a football game and letting it record for 3 hours, to make sure, that the overtime period etc. will also be recorded?

    Thank you!

    I understood in the meantime, that the file are splitted after 4GB and I don't see, how to access the other files than the first, because the naming is (.ts.001, .ts.002) and it's not being recognised by the player, while recording and it's also not possible to skip forward etc., when playing the files with another player.

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