Is the logitech harmony 520 compatible with Formuler z7+

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  • Good morning,

    I'm looking for a replacement remote for my z7+ and found a cheap harmony 520 remote.

    Is anybody using this remote with the z7+?

    did you have any problems?

    if you do have problems what do you recommend as a remote?

    thank for your help.

  • Hi h3ndr1x!

    Welcome to the forum :)

    You can check device compatibility directly with Logitech online database:

    Enter manufacturer: Formuler
    Enter model: z7+

    It comes up as compatible with Harmony Infrared Remotes and Harmony Remotes with Harmony Hub.

    Once you've done your search, hover mouse over 'Harmony Infrared Remotes' and 'Harmony Remotes with Harmony Hub' for harmony remote model numbers.


  • Thank you DroidBug :D

    good, I found a cheap used harmony remote for 20 $.

    the clicking of the bundled remote drives me crazy.

    I just hope i can map most buttons on the harmony, but for 20 buck il give it a shot :D

    thanks for all your help Droid bug ( ive been lurking the forum an you already helped me a couple time)

    Can't wait for the next update :D

  • No problem. I only use the original remote myself but the harmony database says compatible with green tick so there should not be any issues, it does not specifically state the 520 model, but hover over 'Harmony Infrared Remotes' after your search and it states several models and just many more, as shown in pic below. So maybe you should contact Logitech to confirm if that specific model 520 remote works.