Portal loading issues

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  • Hi,

    I purchased a formuler z7+ box the other week following great reviews but am currently having an issue with loading a portal. I have two current providers and one loads up fine through mytvonline but my preferred suppliers portal appears to crash the app forcing it to close when I try to load the portal. I have spoke with them and they ain't sure what's happening either. I have used the account to run through an emulator app and the same portal details work fine.
    I'm sure it's something at the providers end as my other provider loads up with no issues, but thought I would ask on these forums incase anybody has come across this before.
    Thanks in advance.

  • App needs an update. Some xstream code servers do not connect. I think an update is coming soon for both mytv app and FW box

  • with the new update to come, you would be able to load a m3u list in mytv and still have the function of a cable like experience, what you will normally get by adding a portal url

  • I am having the same issue - had my Z7+ since ear;ly December and its run faultlessly with a number of different suppliers. But recently changed provider because my main provider shut its doors and closed down. I then signed up to another provider recently and when loading the portal (yellow progress bar in the middle of the screen) it gets just over halfway and crashes out of the App back to the main menu. I am not sure if we can name providers here (I am new) but its not a cheapo unknown provider, its one of the more Superior ones, who are well reviewed so I would have expected it to work. when I contacted the provider they said there was a known fault with our boxes and they believed a new version of the app was due out shortly?!?!?!

    Anybody else having the same issue?

    Anybody from Formuler got any official comment?

    Or news of a patch or new version of the MyTVonline App, when is it due?

    I love my Z7+ way more than my old Mag Box (so dated) but not being able to use it with my chosen provider is a bummer!

  • Hi,

    I have a similar issue. Have 2 IPTV providers, both work great. Was using a T1 Dreamlink box then updated to Formuler Z7+.

    Now the problems began.

    Whilst 1 IPTV provider works flawlessly, the other loads the Portal, connecting successfully, but no channels. I see a "Loading" message on all and every channel I select.

    Strange thing is, I can load the channel lists and have a fully updated EPG, but no streams are loading. Neither is VOD.

    I have updated to the latest software and firmware (SW v1.2.28 & FW v1.9.35) but no joy. I even did a factory reset but still the same.

    The IPTV provider says there's nothing wrong on his side.

    What can I do?

    Many thanks!

  • I have got the same problem now. I can load the channel lists and have a fully updated EPG, but no streams are loading.
    Latest software and firmware. Done factory reset and restarted router several times. Edit portal as well.
    Still no streams!

  • SAM

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